Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Dog Day Afternoon...

Say hello to my not-so-little friend!

I have a new dog. 

Three weeks ago, we had a high speed car chase with a stolen car down our street.  The thieves ditched the car and, took off on foot. The police brought in dogs and began a house-to-house search.

Katie dog. Curious and adorable? Yes. Ferocious? Not so much.

I was terrified... knowing that Katie wouldn't alert me to any unusual noise.  So, I decided to adopt a big dog. Cara, a Giant Schnauzer, arrived on Monday. So how's it going? Well.... here's where we were on Day 2 in the new life of Cara and Glenny:

  • We both slept soundly last night... after a nervous day for each of us.
  • Having Cara and property that is only surrounded by an invisible fence, means Glenny is taking long walks in the woods.  At an early hour. (Cara will not be introduced to the fence until she feels "at home").
  • Kitties that were hidden all day and evening yesterday, decided to make a cautious appearance.  I held Cara while my friend Liz assured Tillie cat that Cara was not a threat.  Never one to trust a human, Tillie gave Cara a quick swat on the nose.  Cara now gives all three of them a WIDE path.  Kitties rule!
  • Cara is very goofy...which I love.  After breakfast, she picked up Katie's dish and brought it to me..not sure what she was saying!  
  • Just got to get the potty training down....

So far, so good. Did I mention I'm in love? Ahhhh, those furry, four legged babies. Love them all.

Happy Valentines to all my furry and non-furry friends and family!


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