Friday, February 8, 2013

Got Safari Tickets? It's a Mixed Media Jungle Out There!

Hello Creativity Adventurers! Have you signed up for our Kansas City, MO Art & Soul event yet? I just wanted to pop in and make sure you got your virtual "tickets" for this retreat as registration is nearing its close and we don’t want you to miss out on this artistic adventure. And although we do things a little bit different here at Art & Soul — meaning that we actually keep some spaces available until the actual day of the class — we do have an internal deadline we honor with each of our instructors. This  ensures that they are able to plan for and order supplies, get a reasonable airfare, and prepare their exciting curriculum for all you creative souls who are coming.

So if you’ve considered attending at our Kansas City, MO Art & Soul Retreat, you have until February 20th to pick out the workshops you’d like to take — after that, classes may be limited. So treat yourself to a respite of creativity where you’ll connect with like-minded individuals and explore new possibilities in art. Come and join us for a mixed media adventure!

And don’t forget, we offer Art & Soul gift certificates in any denomination! So tell your sweetheart you want the gift of creativity this Valentine’s Day!

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