Monday, April 9, 2018

Stitch Meditations... Ohm My!

I grew up in a household where we never stopped working (on something… anything!) until bedtime. Therefore, to this day… I cannot just “sit” and attempt to relax. My mind continues to keep going and going and going… and not necessarily in a productive manner.

But then I found out Liz Kettle taught a class called Stitch Meditation, which was a method of relaxation and hand sewing; working small. It reminded me of watching my grandmother embroider a kitchen towel, only free form style, using exotic threads and fabrics.

Because of the workshop’s Zen-like popularity, Liz then developed a Stitch Meditation Kit that had everything you need to begin the journey. It included a curated collection of enough complimentary fabrics and threads to keep you relaxed and engaged for 30 days. I purchased one and my life has changed! My mind now has a creative purpose, and the incessant late night chit chatter has quieted down. Ahhhhhh, peace.

You see... I love getting creative and enjoy activities like painting, but I find that I will not take the time to set up the space unless I know I can dedicate a number of hours to the project. With Stitch Meditation, I can pull out fabric, thread and needle and begin the tactile relaxation instantaneously. It’s small…. in a good way. A large project would overwhelm me. So this is just the right size to work with wherever I am, it keeps my busy mind occupied and I am so thrilled to be creating daily! Thanks, Liz!!

To find out more about Liz Kettle and see her detailed video on Stitch Meditation, visit her website And for more information on her Stitch Meditation Kit and the fabulous fabrics and goodies included, check out her online shop. Whatever you do, make some time for play today... and every day!


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Colorado Spotlight... Jacqueline Sullivan!

This year Jacqueline Sullivan will be teaching 4 workshops at Art & Soul Colorado Springs... Deli-collage, On The Horizon, Paper Pizazz and Acrylic Textural Painting. These workshops are designed for all levels of student from the experienced artist seeking a creative instructional opportunity to the person wishing to explore new techniques! Take a look at these fun and creative classes she's offering...

Thursday, May 31, 2018
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Deli paper - we've all tried it! But you've probably never done the things with it that we will do in this class. We will use all sorts of textural and acrylic media on our deli papers, creating a huge pile of collage papers! We will then choose our favorites and build a frame-able abstract collage. You'll learn a lot about acrylic paints and mediums in the process and go home with a lot of papers for future use!

Workshop Information:
See course page HERE for supply list, materials included, an opportunity to pre-order a kit from Blue Twig Studio, and to register for this class.

On The Horizon
Friday, June 1, 2018
9am - 4:30pm

Imposing order in a chaotic abstract work can often be difficult. Remembering the rule of thirds is always helpful when analyzing our work. Within that rule, there are several techniques that we can use to define a horizon line. Whether a low or high horizon line this technique helps to convey a sense of atmosphere and place in abstract works. We will begin our paintings working with fluid acrylics. Then we'll learn some mark-making techniques, using high flow acrylics to define the horizon lines in the painting. We will make our paintings on watercolor paper then crop/cut them into 5" x 5" squares and mount them onto cradled boards to stand on a mantle or shelf or hang on a wall.

Workshop Information:
See course page HERE for supply list, materials included, an opportunity to pre-order a kit from Blue Twig Studio, and to register for this class.

Paper Pizazz
Saturday, June 2, 2018
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Many people have tried paste papers but are not satisfied with the results. This class will help you to learn the proper techniques for making paste papers with a beautiful, smooth velvety finish. These papers are wonderful for binding books, making boxes, backgrounds for stamping and collages. Because we are using a methyl-cellulose paste the surface is great for writing on – making them good for calligraphy projects or beautiful journal pages! Students will work with a limited palette and simple color theories to keep their papers brilliant and beautiful. There will be lots of tools on hand for making various patterns and images in the paste!

Workshop Information:
See course page HERE for supply list, materials included, an opportunity to pre-order a kit from Blue Twig Studio, and to register for this class.

Acrylic Textural Painting
Sunday, June 3, 2018
9:00am - 4:30pm

This class is about building a painting layer by layer. Students will start painting with thin glazes of acrylic paint and then begin adding additional layers of textures and paint. Texture will be formed in many ways including use of miscellaneous acrylic media and various household items. Together these ingredients create a richly textured painting. Jacqueline will use her knowledge gained in her training as a Certified Artist Educator for Golden paints to help students develop an understanding of how to make many different acrylic mediums work better for them in their art work. Design qualities of an Abstract Painting is an integral part of the class. There will be a short discussion on color theory. Each student will receive extensive handouts with instructions and color photos for the various techniques that are covered in the class. Students will receive individual attention from the instructor, guaranteeing that their painting is a unique work of art.

Workshop Information:
See course page HERE for supply list, materials included, an opportunity to pre-order a kit from Blue Twig Studio, and to register for this class.

You are invited to contact Jacqueline directly to discuss details of any of her Art & Soul Workshops or the retreat experience in Colorado Springs.

Art & Soul Colorado Springs
An Inspirational Mixed Media Retreat
May 29 - June 3, 2018
Hotel Eleganté Conference and Event Center
Colorado Springs, CO 

Set on seven acres of land just a few miles outside of downtown Colorado Springs, the Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center provides the perfect setting for business travel, family vacations and romantic escapes. Elegant, pet-friendly rooms and suites provide everything you need to relax, refresh and be productive, including pillow top bedding and FREE Wi-Fi access. Enjoy a meal at one of our on-site restaurants. Take a dip in the indoor or outdoor pool - enjoy!

Unable to join Jacqueline in Colorado Springs? She will also be teaching at the Art & Soul Retreat ~ Virginia Beach ~ October 1-6, 2018. Complete Retreat information HERE

Jacqueline Sullivan is a mixed media, acrylic and calligraphic artist. She is well known for her pieces that experiment with texture, layers, paint, unusual materials, calligraphic marks and words. Jacqueline’s work has been shown nationwide in galleries and juried art fairs. She is a GOLDEN ARTIST Educator and has a degree in graphic design working for many years as a publication and advertising designer. Jacqueline has also recently joined the teaching artist group with MARABU North America. For over 30 years Jacqueline has also been a teaching artist and currently travels throughout the US and Canada teaching artists of all levels to stay in touch with their creative selves. She has a special interest in healing, both physically and emotionally, through creative practice.  More of her work can be viewed at

© all images courtesy of Jacqueline Sullivan