Thursday, January 26, 2012

Art & Soul, Instructor Blog Hop — Starts Now!

Sample from Jean VanBrederode's Enameling: Necklace Roulette class

Have you ever wanted to get inside the head of one of your favorite mixed media instructors? Art and Soul is excited to announce the opening day of our Virginia Beach Retreat artist’s interview blog hop! We have invited 16 teachers to participate in this fun tell-all interview hop.  Prizes? Of course there are prizes! Artistic Artifacts has put together a goodie filled packet full of mixed media delights! Each blog will have a winner so you have 16 chances to win.

Here is our blog hop schedule…have fun and don’t forget to leave comments on each blog you visit.

January 21st
Jean VanBrederode
Check out her interview on Liz Kettle's blog

January 23rd
Kari McKnight-Holbrook
Check out Kari's interview on Jenni Horne's blog

January 24th
Jenni Horne
Check out her interview on Catherine Anderson's blog

January 25th
Catherine Anderson
Check out her interview on Jen Crossley's blog

January 26th
Jen Crossley
Check out her interview on Serena Barton's blog

January 27th
Serena Barton
Check out her interview on Cheryl Strait's blog

January 28th
Cheryl Strait
Check out her interview on Lesley Riley's blog

January 29th
Lesley Riley
Check out her interview on Lynn simon Suprock's blog

January 30th
Lynn simon Suprock
Check out her interview on Christine Atkins' blog

January 31st
Christine Atkins
Check out her interview on Leslie Brier's blog

February 1st
Leslie Brier
Check out her interview on Liz Kettle's blog

February 2nd
Liz Kettle
Check out her interview on Sara Naumann's blog

February 3rd
Sara Naumann
Check out her interview on Catherine Anderson's blog

February 5th
Erin Keck
Check out her interview on Artistic Artifacts' blog

February 6th
Cathy Taylor
Check out her interview right here on the Art & Soul blog

If you haven't already signed up for Art & Soul Virginia Beach... we hope this little instructor sneak peek has gotten your creative juices flowing! For more information and registration, visit our website at

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 Exciting Giveaways for Virginia Art & Soul!

Just wanted to share with you that we have a couple of exciting giveaways for the Virginia Beach Retreat....

fabulous journal from Liz Kettle
First... more than a dozen instructors are donating pieces of their art, published books, hand made jewelry and more for a special raffle!  Upon your arrival, as you check in, you will  receive a raffle ticket for EACH class you're taking. Each day, pieces of the art will be selected and tickets drawn - all you have to do is check the board to see if you're a winner! Check out some additional original art prizes here. Special thanks to all our instructors who are donating these fabulous items...
Cathy Taylor, Erin Keck, Kari McKnight, Lesley Riley, Jen Crossley, Christine Atkins, Sara Naumann, Cheryl Straight, Jenni Horne, Jean VanBrederode, Liz Kettle, Annie Lockhart, Julie Haymaker and Magdalena Muldoon!
gorgeous mini metal journal necklace by Lynne Suprock
Our second way to win? Convince 2 creative friends to join you at Art & Soul Virginia and you'll be put into a drawing to win a free class! Email the names of your friends to me to be entered into the drawing.

What a great way to start off the new year!
Don't miss this incredible opportunity to win an original piece of art!  And by introducing two new friends to the empowering experience of Art & Soul, you could receive an extra day with a fabulous class!!  What could be better?

See you soon.