Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Virginia Beach... Wowzers! All This And More?

Liz Kettle's Magical Stitches workshop

Hello all my mixed media mavens! I hope you are enjoying the summer season and getting your art on. I just wanted to pop in and remind you to sign up for our Virginia Beach Art & Soul Retreat coming up this fall. Woot! It's jam packed with tons of exciting classes, teachers, activities, events, and lots of happy people from your soul tribe will be there. Here's just a little bit of a perspective on how grand this event will be...

Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates transparent layers in resin

We have 25 amazingly talented instructors, who between all of them probably have been published in more art magazines and books than we've read in our entire life! Many of our instructors have even published their own books, so you know they've got some incredible things to teach you and help expand your creative repertoire.

Mindy Lacefield's Inner Radiant Child workshop

This year in Virginia Beach, we are offering 96 unique workshops during 6 gloriously artistic days! Choose from full, half day and evening classes... it's all up to you. Choose as many or as few as you like. Choose something you're familiar with or something that's totally outside your comfort zone!

Learn Ribbed Forms of Expression with Nancy Prichard

What type of media do you like to work with? Well, we've got classes that work with metal, PMC, fabric, fiber, acrylics, watercolors, natural & found objects, paper, ephemera, clay, inks and dyes, enamels, wax, resin, tools, stencils, photos and images, and even the business side of art. Whew!

Kitty Miller and her class Endangered Encaustics

And if that didn't seem like enough of a variety, here are the types of projects you'll be making with all that stuff... You can try your hand at jewelry, collage, assemblage, dollmaking, sculpture, home decor items, clothing, quilting, sewing, stitching, painting, journaling, bookmaking, symbolism, encaustics, cold connections, soldering and brazing, stamping, image transfers, and how to sell your art online! Whew, again!

Ruth Chandler helps you Wrap It Up with a custom carryall

And if that wasn't enough, we've got an Opening Night Party, impromptu pajama parties, our mixed media Vendor Night shopping extravaganza, trades, swaps, demos, play stations, an on-site store and much, much more!!

Virginia Beach Art & Soul
September 26 - October 1, 2016
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel

So visit our website and get more information about our Virginia Beach Event... our relaxing beachfront hotel... the creative workshops we have to offer... and our fabulous instructors! Then sign up today!

I hope you'll come join us this Fall for our Art & Soul Mixed Media Retreat. We'd be so happy to have you. It's time for a creative playcation... you deserve it.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happiness is a Retreat in Minneapolis!

Well, our Minneapolis Art & Soul event was fabulous! The attendees exceeded our expectations and we exceeded theirs. And if I had to choose one word to describe our first Minneapolis retreat, happy would be the one that makes it to the top of the list! We had happy students...

...who loved their classes and enjoyed time away from home and the craft studio (or dining room table!) to delve into their artistic selves, create something new, and have fun in the process!

The extremely talented Carol Spohn in her Watercolor Workshop.
We had happy teachers! And I must say it takes a special group of people to teach. People who love watching people learn new things and enjoy the process of seeing their students shine.

Mindy Lacefield teaching students how to paint like their 7-year old selves.
Our instructors are just such people... with big beautiful hearts, and we are so lucky to have them as a part of our Art & Soul family. That makes me happy!

Happy colors! Man, oh, man... were there some fantastically colorful student projects at this event. Just look at all these yummy scraps of fabric from Liz Kettle's Voyage to India class.

And the drippy goodness of colorful Alcohol Inks used to make these stunning designs in Kathy Taylor's workshop.

And, well, it wouldn't be Art & Soul if Doris Arndt didn't give everyone the bird in her class of the same name. Now if that ain't colorful, I don't know what is!

Happy pattern-making! We had so many opportunities at the Minneapolis retreat to create pieces and parts to use in projects and to use pieces and parts to create new projects! Like these decorative components made in Caidtlin Dundon's Translucent Triptych workshop.

Some folks enjoyed making patterns on metal that would be turned into wonderful new pieces of jewelry in Jean VanBrederode's Manipulating Metal class.

And speaking of metal... can you believe all these deliciously rusty metal parts....

...made these amazing patterned fabrics in Chad Alice Hagen's Resist Dyeing workshop?

And just look at these pretty patterned examples of fabric made using torn collaged papers in Suzi Dennis' class. The ladies in this class were in the zone!

Happy shoppers! Our on-site store, Blue Twig Studio, had everything a mixed media maven could possibly want... and more! Not only did Deb bring everything and the kitchen sink, but she made shopping for class supplies — before and during the event — so much easier for our attendees.

Our Vendor Night pop up art and supply shopping event was a veritable cabinet of curiosities with a most important ingredient... curiosity seekers! With original mixed media artwork from our very own teachers to one-of-a kind bits and bobs, and lots of fun goodies and supplies to use in our next project... it was an enchanted evening all-around!

Well, what can we say except the I's have it (or... the eyes have it!), our first Minneapolis event was a smashing success! Tons and tons of thank you's to Marie, Karen, Liz and Deb who worked their hearts out before, during and after this event. And a big thanks to our amazingly talented instructors and all of you who joined us in this new location! Thanks to everyone... WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR! May 3rd-8th. Mark your calendars! We made lots of connections with lots of key people in all facets of this event that will allow us to enhance your experience even further for 2017! Woot! Woot!

Glenny xoxo