Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcoming Encaustic Artist Linda Lenart McNulty to Portland 2014!

We are so very pleased and excited to announce the addition of Linda Lenart McNulty to our Portland 2014 lineup! Linda is an Encaustic and Figurative Artist that teaches Encaustic Painting, Encaustic Jewelry and Encaustic Casting, along with workshops in Polymer Sculpting, Casting and Assemblage of Santos. She received her A.A. in Fine Art and her B.F.A. in Modern Dance/Teaching at Columbia College, Chicago. Linda is pioneering a new field in Encaustic Jewelry and has created a series of Encaustic Jewelry Kits and Luminous Encaustic Wax Blox™ to give artists the support they need as they venture into this new land of Encaustic Art! 

With a background in dance, it was her love of movement that led Linda to follow a passion for sculpting the human form. And it was the sculpting that led her to carve in wax, which led her to Encaustic Painting and visual mixed media art.

And, yes... in case you were wondering if Linda Lenart McNulty was related to one of our longtime, favorite mixed media jewelry teachers — Susan Lenart Kazmer — you are absolutely correct. They're sisters!

Linda will be teaching 3 classes with us in Portland next year. Here's a look at the gorgeous mixed media creations she has in store for you. Check out the links to read more about these intriguing workshops... 

Wearable Encaustic Shrine - Thursday,  April 10   

Encaustic Daguerreotype Paintings - Friday, April 11 

Want to learn more about this talented artist? Visit Linda's website, or check out her blog about the creative process. She loves talking with students of art and life, for that’s what we all are! 

For more information on our Portland Art & Soul retreat, check out our website and sign up today!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Portland Rocked!

Oh my gosh — what a fabulous Art & Soul this year at the Red Lion on the River in Portland! This venue is just so inspirational in itself. Imagine waking up to this in the morning.

Or this! Every day was a unique painting on a brand new canvas, thanks to Mother Nature.

And I'm sure you all know by now — that seeing what everybody gets to create at Art & Soul is my favorite part of this whole retreat. From gorgeous fabric collages... dainty dolls, upcycled from vintage tins, porcelain beauties, jewelry bits and baubles.

From gorgeous Gelli Plate madness with tons of juicy layers and vibrant colors... clever collages made with ephemera, magazine pages and such.

Or this unique handcrafted kelp basket...

...and all of our excited students who stopped by for Show & Tell in the office. You all rocked it out this year!

Our meeting space in the lobby was PERFECT for introductions, playing and whatever! We certainly made a wonderful mess.

Vendor night was fun and frenzied as usual, with mixed media supplies galore and finished goods by our favorite instructors as well. It's fun to see everyone when they don't have their faces buried in a project. 

Many thanks to everyone who made the event a success. Our dedicated staff and tireless helpers. All of our amazing instructors. Judy and the staff in the store for bringing tons more stuff than we needed. And our dear Energizer Bunny, Marie. Without whom the event would collapse.

And all of you who attended this year... including a most hearty welcome to all the newbies who attended. By all appearances, you were having a ball. Our A&S family rocks!

I can't begin to thank all of you for your enthusiasm, generosity, and kindness. I came away from the retreat so very energized and totally excited about next year.

Our year "On Safari" was truly an adventure... not only in pushing the creative boundaries, but also in digging deeper into the depths of our souls.

Hugs to everyone,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Heads Up! Virginia Beach Classes Are Online!

Heads Up! workshop with Deborah Petrino

On the heels of a fabulous Portland event, we are so excited to present the Art & Soul line-up for Virginia Beach 2014! There are dozens and dozens of unique classes to choose from in all your favorite mixed media categories. So check out our lineup for this amazing event! But don't delay...

Registration begins today, Friday, Oct 11, at noon Pacific time! You'll want to be sure and sign up for your favorite classes before they get filled. If you're a veteran Art & Soul'er... you remember those days (back before better technology) when we'd crash the server the minute registration went live! Whew, thank goodness for bigger, better website servers.

And... if you register between Oct 11 and Dec 15, 2013, classes will be reduced to $135 and reg fee is $40.  After Dec 15, classes will be $145 and the reg fee will be $50.  So don't hesitate — sign up today!

Virginia Beach Art & Soul
September 29 - October 5, 2014
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel
Virginia Beach, VA

For more information on workshops, you can browse our website by workshop instructors, individual classes, or even by project photos. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and have a look around.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dog Tired

What a fabulous week we had at Portland Art & Soul... even Miss Katie-dog! One night, after classes were done... after the office was closed... after the socializing was over... we got back to the room... she went upside-down... and was asleep immediately. Me too!

Can't wait to catch you up on all the amazing times we had in Portland at the Red Lion on the River. Just... gotta... rest...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Portland Opening Party A Smash Hit!

Well, Portland Art & Soul is in full swing. We had a fabulous time at the opening night party... seeing new students and alumni and everybody getting to schmooze with each other and many of our class instructors at the Meet-n-Greet. It was a perfect opportunity to showcase their classes and talent! This was a fabulous start to a great week! Here are a few of them who stood still long enough for a photo op!!

Andrew Dyrdahl

Erin Keck

Kari McKnight & Jen Crossley

Ingrid Dijkers

Jean VanBrederode

Liz Kettle

Jill Berry

...and Mark Crossley with my Katie-girl!

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate and kick off our week-long event. I can't wait to see what all of you create while you're here!