Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Are So Pleased To Welcome Artist Mindy Lacefield to the Art & Soul Family!

When you discover something great, you want to share it with everybody! And that's how we felt when we discovered Mindy Lacefield, right in our midst at the Art & Soul Virginia Beach event. And although she was there to take classes, we heard it over and over, "oh you have to have Mindy teach at Art & Soul!" So we were lucky enough to book her for our 2012 Portland event. Woohoo!

With such a vibrant, sparkling personality, Mindy's art is a whimsical reflection of her own outlook on life. I mean, seriously folks... look at her photo... can you imagine not having fun in her class? But really, a lot of her inspiration comes from seeing through childlike eyes — and the heart of a 7 year old — and that's exactly what she'll teach you to do!

Working quickly, letting go, and allowing spontaneous splashes of color just happen has been her approach to facing the blank canvas. Being in the moment and enjoying the process of painting with no specific plans of the outcome continues to thrive as Mindy's method of creating. She revels in exploring the duality of nature — the dark against the sweet side —  watching them evolve and marry together, awakening that dreamlike state that resides in the layers of her soul.

In a conversation with Mindy, we came to find that she developed her style by not listening to her art teachers! When she had let go and learned to be free... it did not conform to what was required by the "standards" of art. So... she stopped listening to them and started listening to that little 7 year old girl and the rest is history! Her style is uniquely hers and can be seen in many of today's mixed media publications. What a great find Mindy is!

She'll make her Art & Soul teaching debut at our Portland event later this year — which takes place October 1-7 — and will be offering two full day workshops....

Animal Guide - Tuesday, October 2nd
In this class, you'll discover how the animal you've always been drawn to will  help you discover more about yourself. Mindy will show you how to create your animal totem girl using intuitive mark making and beautiful color as a ground for the body and cloak. She'll show you how to use color to give depth and dimension. You will build luminous layers within the face to reveal a road-map of emotion and journey.

Twirl Girls Journal - Wednesday, October 3rd
In this journal class you'll use simple materials such as cardboard, ribbon, and craft paint to create fun, magical journals. No measuring involved which means you will let loose and have fun with the process of painting. Free-form, intuitive mark making and color blocking will serve as your backgrounds, with  full spectrum splashes of color! You'll become enamored with the process and tactile feel of the painting!

Mindy is a full time artist living in central Arkansas with her hubby and two pooches. When she’s not in the studio, she loves to watch independent films and is inspired by the movies of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, and Stanley Kubrick.


  1. oh how lucky the portland folks are. Maybe she'll come to VB next year??

  2. i vote yes for VB too! sandy


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