Friday, March 16, 2012

Art & Soul Virginia Beach 2012...Wrap it up!

Wow, wow, wowie, wow! Now that we've all caught our breath from Art & Soul Virginia Beach, I wanted to highlight some more of the amazing fun that was had at this seaside venue! It's hard to whittle down which photos to share, as there were so many facets of this event that made it really special.

I know I sound like a broken record when i say this, but I think this was the best Art & Soul yet. So many new instructors — including Jen Crossley here, who came all the way from Australia to teach — added to the mix of interesting mixed media workshops we had to offer. New friendships were formed. Old friendships were rekindled. Lots of laughing and camaraderie. And a bunch of new jewelry was acquired! All the important things.

The buzz of excitement about the workshops we offered and the talented instructors who taught them were palpable. Imagine walking into your class and the teacher's table looked like this! Cindy Yost French left no stone unturned with her Bead Embroidery Meets Steampunk Necklace workshop. And the students did such a fine job of coming up with their own twist on this hot new trend.

Want to go out with a bang (or should we say a bangle?), then Sally Jean Alexander's Buckle Up and Bangle Down is the place to be! She never runs short of new ideas on how to combine beautiful, professional-looking soldering with a whimsical style and thoughtful composition. You know you're studying with a master when your student's projects look as lovely as this!

And whether it's hair for little dolls....

Or hair for big dolls (wink, wink), Lana Guerra's wit and wisdom always shines through in the unique workshops she teaches. Her Misfit Doll Making yields tiny Tim Burton-like puppets with giant hearts... while her Let's Wig Out class showcases her 17 years of experience as a hair designer making big, far out, whimsical, high fashion looks. Now that alot of hair!

Look at this piece from Jenni Horne's American Still Life class. Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Her childlike views on painting really shone through in the student's work. Makes me long for those simpler times.

Annie Lockhart taught a workshop entitled, Hang With Me - A Magical Mobile and just look at the results!! I love all these weathered bits and bobs on this students mobile. Everybody's work was great in this class... like they'd been making mobiles forever. So well though out and visually balanced. Fun!

And then there was Suzanne McNeil's Spirit Doll class. Look at all these gourd-geous ladies and their unique dolls!

Kari McNight's Stamp & Stencils Journal workshop was a big hit. Students were passing around their journals at the dinner table that night, and everyone had something uniquely their own. That's one of the things I love most about Art & Soul... how each student's work is so different from the next.

Oh, and I also love my amazing assistant, (doesn't that just sound magical? well, she is!) Marie Kennedy, as well as the generous giving souls like Kat Allison. It just doesn't get any better than this folks!

And then there's down-time.... or is there? My roomate Margaret's hands just about keep up with all the ideas in her head... and she's got such great ideas! But like with so many, the creativity doesn't stop when the class is over.

The sand and sea air did such wonderful things for our spirits, but Art & Soul and everyone involved did so much for our creative souls. Thanks so much to all of you who made this possible and for coming along on this artful journey.

~ Glenny xoxo

© photos courtesy of Marie Kennedy


  1. Thank you, Glenny, for such a wonderful 1st time experience with A&S. From the town, to the hotel, to the classes....and everywhere in was a blast! I met the nicest people there & it seemed that we were all smiling at one another.
    I hope to try another A&S next year (perhaps Portland since I've never been there) so you may see me then!
    My instructors, by the way, were outstanding: Lesley Riley, Catherine Anderson, & Sara Naumann. I adored them all and learned so much.

    Again, thanks for all YOU do to make A&S a success. And to your helpers (yeah, I finally got to meet Liz Kettle)for all they do,too.

    Jan DeBellis

  2. This post makes me drool. I'm sorry I learned about this too late to attend this year but since we're living near Chincoteague now, next year DEFINITELY!

  3. Thank you Glenny, Marie, Judy and all of the wonderful teachers and others that together make Art and Soul what I so dearly need every year - a creative retreat. Once again I had the best time. My classes and teachers were terrific! I look forward to next year!

  4. What a wonderful time was had .Art n Soul,Glenny,Marie hold a very special place in my heart the laughter the creating the friendships are something made there i will always hold close to my heart.Margaret is such a lovely lady what a great room mate.

  5. What a Great Time Art and Soul Va.2012, my students were a riot , even with the Hokey Pokey they all made beautiful pieces. Glenny, Marie, and Judy Thanks so much for putting on such a wonderful Retreat!!!Let's do it again<3


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