Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peace, Love and Shop Local!

With the holidays coming — and Black Friday looming — I thought it appropriate to talk about Small Business Saturday. And I just loved the name of this little hippie shop in the town of Woodstock, NY. So VERY appropriate and it got me all nostalgic for the days of shopping local and shopping privately-owned stores.

It is not news that small, independent businesses are having a most difficult time surviving. It breaks my heart every day to hear of another store — especially an art store — that finds itself having to close. I learned that one sales rep in northern California has lost over 59 stores in the past 2 years! I find that statistic appalling and want to encourage everyone to participate in the Shop Small event this Saturday... The 2nd annual Small Business Saturday. The CEO of American Express stated that more jobs are created annually by small, local businesses than the large corporations. And yet, we are seeing their rapid decline and it is quite scary.

My father-in-law opened a pharmacy in the 1940’s — soda fountain, the whole shebang. I worked with him and my husband in the store for over 20 years until the competition was just too tough. In my mind, it is a huge loss to each community. The whole cohesive feeling of being recognized and appreciated as a customer is gone. Small businesses do not have huge corporate funding available for advertising and discounts to entice the public. We rely on personal service, attention to detail and a smile to encourage customers. Your local art store owner, clothing store owner, landscape owner, restaurant owner, etc, etc — will take time to show you new items, demo a new product, and order any item that you may desire!

So please visit and shop your local small businesses this Saturday, November 26th so we can help them make sure to... Not Fade Away!


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