Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art & Soul... Over a Decade!

Did you know that Art & Soul has been around since 1999? Beginning as smaller, more intimate weekend events on the Oregon coast, Art & Soul has grown into annual events in multiple locations throughout the United States. Our now week-long retreats have been going strong year-after-year, with many people attending all the events around the country!

The mastermind behind Art & Soul’s dynamic retreats, Glenny Densem-Moir is no stranger to event planning. More than 20 years of weddings, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvah’s, themed parties and festivals kept her busy, busy, busy. During that time, Glenny sought an outlet for her artistic endeavors and discovered a few small venues for creative learning. When she realized that she could take her passion for creativity and education, and create a large-scale venue for mixed media… Art & Soul Retreats was born!

Glenny has a knack for selecting the most popular instructors as well as discovering up-and-coming artists and art trends that attendees find interesting. In fact, many of the top mixed media artists of today got their start with Art & Soul Retreats. Besides the delight in running such an event, Glenny loves to watch the attendees push beyond their comfort zone and create something magnificent. The smiles on their faces as they walk from their workshops — projects held high — is all Glenny needs to reassure her that she’s on the right path. Her commitment to excellence has made Art & Soul the premier mixed media retreat in the country.

So when did you first attend Art & Soul? We'd love to hear your stories!


  1. Hello Glenny,

    Love the new blog, just passing by and saying hello!


  2. Glenny I thank you so much for Art N SOUL with out you I wouldn't of made my dream come true of teaching at Art N SOUL in the states.I only attend my first one this year not from the lacking of wanting to attend before.
    I loved it all the vibe and excitement from everyone there was amazing.Thank you again for Art N Soul.

  3. I will be attending for the first time in March in Virginia Beach. But have followed for a few years. I must say that the sign-up process is well organized and Glenny has been SO friendly and answered my questions to a 't'. I know that my experience will be just as organized and fun and I can't wait. And my roomies are excited, too.


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