Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Virginia Teacher Spotlight: Libby Williamson

Growing up with creative, artsy parents, Libby Williamson’s childhood was a world of fabric scraps and yarn, pins and needles, paint, Elmer’s Glue, and a whole lot of Scotch Tape. At any given time, there was always needlework projects in the works, time spent fashioning doll clothes from remnants, embroidering on anything that could hold a stitch, and learning the art of patchwork quilting. As an art major in college, Libby focused on printmaking but still found time for knitting and fiber arts. Her printmaking background led to a passion in surface design on fabric, which is reflected in her current work. She is a proud hoarder of all things “fiber” and thrives in a world of stitch and sew.

What that means for us is that Libby is one diversely creative soul, with a unique mix of classes to offer our Virginia attendees this year. Having such an inventive childhood, combined with formal training in the arts, she is constantly thinking outside the box, which you can see by what she's planning to teach at our Virginia Beach Art & Soul Retreat this fall. Check it out!

In this full day class of Libby's you'll explore a variety of painting techniques as you create a stash of luscious papers that are enhanced with delightful textures and patterns. You'll work on unique substrates such as... deli food wrap, vintage ledger pages, old maps, phone book sheets, and a wide selection of paper ephemera, altering them with gelatin plate printing, stamping and stenciling. Then you'll use your custom papers to create collages onto fabric. You'll get to enhance those magical images and bring them to life with the addition of free-motion machine sewing. Your finished piece can be made into a journal cover or hung as wall art.

Tea Bag Revival
Oh, the sadly neglected, used tea bag... fret not! It will be resurrected for all it's glory in this full day workshop! When dried and emptied, tea bags become the foundation for a precious piece of art that you get to create. Each tea bag will be enhanced with a collage of hand-dyed fabrics and specialty papers. And with the added detail of free-motion machine and hand stitching, it will unify your collection of tiny tea bags. You'll leave class with a wondrous miniature art quilt!

Paint Brush Palooza
In this Tuesday evening class, you will deconstruct a paint brush and then perform a make-over with a riot of color and texture. Yarns, ribbons, shredded fabrics, wire & beads, ephemera, and found objects will replace boring bristles, transforming the brush into a whimsical showpiece. Hidden treasures can be added to complement your personal style.

Vintage Bedspring Christmas Tree
If you're looking for a fun evening mixed-media workshop, this is the one! Using a rusty, vintage mattress coil as the foundation, you'll transform an unlikely substrate into a magical, whimsical Christmas treasure. Easy, wonky, bead wrapping will convert sparkly beads and baubles into ornaments, and an old fashioned star tops the tree with a feathered friend along for the ride.

So, as you can see, Libby has a quite an array of unique workshops to offer at this year's Virginia Beach event. For more information about her classes and our Virginia Beach retreat, visit our website...

October 1-6, 2018
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel  

Libby Williamson's current focus is in the making of art quilts using layers of hand-painted and dyed fabrics, appliquéd layers of free-motion stitched components and embedded found objects. She teaches art quilting and sewing to students of all ages in her studio in Orange, CA and at destination retreats. In her world, not much can trump paint caked beneath her fingernails, needles and thread, and a bowl of vanilla ice cream. You can find out more about Libby Williamson by visiting her blog.

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