Monday, April 9, 2018

Stitch Meditations... Ohm My!

I grew up in a household where we never stopped working (on something… anything!) until bedtime. Therefore, to this day… I cannot just “sit” and attempt to relax. My mind continues to keep going and going and going… and not necessarily in a productive manner.

But then I found out Liz Kettle taught a class called Stitch Meditation, which was a method of relaxation and hand sewing; working small. It reminded me of watching my grandmother embroider a kitchen towel, only free form style, using exotic threads and fabrics.

Because of the workshop’s Zen-like popularity, Liz then developed a Stitch Meditation Kit that had everything you need to begin the journey. It included a curated collection of enough complimentary fabrics and threads to keep you relaxed and engaged for 30 days. I purchased one and my life has changed! My mind now has a creative purpose, and the incessant late night chit chatter has quieted down. Ahhhhhh, peace.

You see... I love getting creative and enjoy activities like painting, but I find that I will not take the time to set up the space unless I know I can dedicate a number of hours to the project. With Stitch Meditation, I can pull out fabric, thread and needle and begin the tactile relaxation instantaneously. It’s small…. in a good way. A large project would overwhelm me. So this is just the right size to work with wherever I am, it keeps my busy mind occupied and I am so thrilled to be creating daily! Thanks, Liz!!

To find out more about Liz Kettle and see her detailed video on Stitch Meditation, visit her website And for more information on her Stitch Meditation Kit and the fabulous fabrics and goodies included, check out her online shop. Whatever you do, make some time for play today... and every day!



  1. I think you might like the book "Slow Stitch" by Claire Wellesley-Smith. I started doing meditative stitching after reading this book. I then bought it because the sample stitching and fabrics in the book are works of art. This is indeed a great way to slow the mind and is super easy to carry with a person and work on in spare time. I enjoyed this article very much. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Terry for your thoughtful words and for sharing your similar reasons for doing stitch as a form of meditation. I'll be sure and check out that book too. Happy sewing!


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