Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Aye Aye! Minneapolis... A Real Treasure!

Well Mateys... we have another fine voyage into the realms of art and creativity under our pirate belts, Yo Ho! Our Minneapolis Art & Soul Retreat was a real blast. Our attendees were in all their glory as they ventured into new realms of artistic discovery and buried treasures...

...and made lots of fantastic projects like these amazing copper etched journals, each of them unique to the individual who created them. Wonder if I could hornswaggle one of these fine tomes away from these lovely lasses. Avast ye... Methinks probably not.

How about these adorable steampunk hooters! So many uses for all our found objects and treasures we've collected over the years. A pirate's booty worth it's weight in gold... Blimey!

What's all the scuttlebut going on in our sewing rooms? Well, there be some journals made of woven cloths. As bright and colorful and imaginative as our students!

And happy students they were! With spacious classrooms and individual attention from our talented and nurturing instructors, it was unanimous that they want us to come back again and again. So, Minneapolis, you better batten down the hatches in twenty eighteen... cuz we'll be seein' ya again!

Our on-site store was miles and aisles of goodies for the fetching! Look at all these amazing treasures. And speaking of treasures, a hearty pirate hats-off to my Blue Twig Studio and Deb Prewitt for an amazing selection of pirate booty and of course, to my Second Mates, Marie and Phoenix... these ladies kept a tight ship and made this captain one happy lass.

And now it's time to set course for Virginia Beach, Mateys! It's a yonder way off, but it'll be here before this old salt can raise the flag and swab the deck. Hope to see you on board!

Until we landlubbers meet again...


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