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Our newest Minneapolis Art & Soul event will be going on it's second year this Spring, and like our other long-running events, there's no lack of amazing attributes to this Midwest retreat. So we'd like to spell it out for you, and tell you how this marvelous mixed-media meetup will thrill and delight all levels of creative individuals...

M is for Making Amazing Art
Whether you like drawing, painting, collage, assemblage, dolls, fabric, fiber, jewelry, journaling, bookmaking, and the like... you're going to make some amazing art here. 

I is for Inspiration
There's no lack of inspiration at Art & Soul! Whether it's the instructors, your fellow attendees, seeing other students' work, our amazing on-site store filled with goodies, new products to try, demonstrations to watch, or finding just the right thing-a-ma-bob at our pop up Vendor Extravaganza, you'll be inspired beyond measure.

N is for New Friends
When you are gathered amongst like-minded souls, kindred spirits and creative individuals, there's just something that clicks. Friendships that are made in a moment, last a lifetime. These are the kinds of friends you'll make in Minneapolis. And now with social media, it's easier than ever to keep up the conversations and creative sharing.

the other N is for  Newfound Courage
Sometimes it's hard to go outside your comfort zone and try something new, but at Art & Soul we'll help guide you through that process. By taking that first step and showing up for a few new classes, you'll open up something inside of yourself that will make new possibilities (in art and your life) seem exciting and engaging.

E is for Engaging
And speaking of engaging... boy will these workshops accomplish that! As I make my daily rounds, without fail, I will walk into classrooms that are completely silent. What's going on you might ask? The entire class is completely and totally engaged in what they are doing. They are in a state where nothing else but the tools and materials in front of them are inspiring so many new thoughts and ideas that they have to be quiet so they can hear their muse.

A is for An Experience
You're not just attending a retreat in Minneapolis, you're having an experience. A real live, interactive creative excursion that will engage all your senses. That's why these retreats are etched in your memory for the rest of your life. All the reasons above and below come together to make this the playcation you've always dreamed of. And when you leave, you'll take a part of it home with you. You'll never be the same.

P is for Projects
Wow, projects! There is just no end to the type and diversity of the projects we're offering you.  With workshops that show you how to make finished drawings, paintings, embroidery, sculptures, rings, necklaces, handbags, chimes, journals, tin can dolls and so much more... you'll be hard pressed to even choose which classes to take!

O is for Opportunities
Besides our full day and evening classes, there are so many other opportunities for you to get creative in Minneapolis! We have an opening night party, our on-site store to peruse and try out new products, our Vendor Extravaganza where you can pick up hard-to-find mixed media supplies, and we've been known to have a late night pajama party or two as well as other impromptu gatherings. And like a small ant colony, our attendees are constantly navigating the hallways between classes and bumping into other creatives who want to share a bite to eat or get a nibble and chat. You won't be bored!

L is for Learning
We have so many opportunities to learn new techniques, work with new tools, try new products, and expand your creative repertoire. Your head will be spinning with all the information you'll get from taking our unique classes.... in a good way!

I is for Instructors
Our instructors are hand-picked just for you. Plucked right out of your favorite magazines, art and craft books, and popular websites, these talented and professional artists will teach and guide you in a caring, supportive way. They'll take you under their wing and help make you soar to new creative heights!

...and S is for Support
We're here for you. Our staff, our store, our teachers, our students. We are a family. The Art & Soul family. And we support each other and lift each other up. You are not alone. You'll be amongst a tribe of like-minded people who carry themselves in a positive manner and make sure you are taken care of. So come join the family!!

April 26th - May 1, 2017
Crowne Plaza Aire Mall of America Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

This year's Minneapolis Art & Soul Retreat will knock your creative socks off. Chock full of mixed media workshops just ripe for the picking, taught by our very talented instructors. We have so much to offer... we'd love to have you as part of the family. Come join us!

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