Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ahoy, Mixed Media Mateys!

Well shiver me timbers! It's time for introducin' our new theme and logo for Arrrrt & Soul twenty-seventeen. And if you lasses and lads haven't yet guessed what we have goin' on thar...

it's Treasure Island, yar!

You know, mateys... we arrrr always lookin' for somethin' fun that arrrr great, grand instructors and arrrr adventurous attendees can use in their arrrt... if that's what they be so choosin'. And with a big, bad, bloomin' new Pirates of the Caribbean soon bein' released, me and me heartys were shoutin'  about what a ruckus it was, bein all this time to watch Jonny Depp and Keith Richards as they play up their piratey movin' picture roles. We scallywags just be wantin' to laugh and have a jolly good time.

So we made arrrr very own graphic design lass, Miss Michelle Bernard, walk the plank unless and until she came up with a hearty version of arrrr ship with a special treasure map hidden behind. And aye, she made it through the rough seas and earned arrrr respect. We owe her a good cup o' grog til she's loaded to the gunwhales, yo-ho-ho!

And we knowst that y'all will be makin' some sweet trades and boastin' the finest costumes at arrrr events that be takin' place next year. You creative types will be haulin' in the best booty around. Whether you're a sprog or a seasoned swashbuckler, who's been ridin' the high seas of Arrrt & Soul with us for times and times now... you're sure to have a jolly good time here.

So dust off your hats, and pull your boots on, as we go sailin' into another grand year of fine craftery that be worth more than all the doubloons hidden in the sea. You want to be checkin' out all the arrrt we be offerin' for the makin' at arrrr events here and let's get arrr swaggy on! Ahoy!

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