Monday, July 13, 2015

It's Summertime, So... Be Cool!

The heat is on! Mid-Summer sun is shining brightly, and strong! So what's a girl to do to escape the heat? How about going for a hike in the beautiful Oregon nature with your granddaughter? That'll work!

Me, Abby and a friend of hers took a jaunt through the woods surrounding the amazingly gorgeous Punch Bowl Falls. Abby and friend took a dip in the crystal clear water. Doesn't that just look so refreshing? I wanted to, however....

To get into the "swimming pool" you had to jump off from the top of the waterfall!! Do you see all those rocks jutting out? So, alas... I stayed on dry land, enjoyed the shade and watched the girls play and have fun.

The entire park surrounding the falls was simply stunning... like something you would see in the movies. In fact, Punch Bowl falls is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the Northwest. I can understand why. It was great to immerse myself in the gorgeous greenery and serenity of nature after a long, long winter!

And during the dog days of Summer, what else are you supposed to do? Wash your horse, of course! Here's Jack gettin' a cooling sponge bath. Mmmmm... feels so good!

Oh, and did I mention my well is broken? Nope, that's not a metaphor hinting that my creative juices have dried up. My well is actually broken! So, we've temporarily got a tank on site to provide us with clean water until we can get the repairs done. So any ideas on how to stay cool during these warm Summer months would be greatly appreciated!

What's your favorite tip for cooling off?

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  1. That looks beautiful; I need to take my kids there sometime. Thanks for posting.


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