Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Help Us Find Our 2016 Theme! We Want Your Suggestions!

Puttin On The Ritz, 2012

We're deep in the middle of our 2015 retreats, but it's never too early to start contemplating what theme to do for next year's events! We usually unveil our choice — along with a spectacular logo — a few months before the start of the actual season. Just to get you excited and thinking about how you can play around with the theme for trades, book swaps, fashion, accessories and more. Even many of our teachers will submit classes for the year that have the theme incorporated into the project. Such fun!

So we want you to come up some ideas for us, and we're going to pick from your suggestions!

What makes a good theme? Well, lets see... I'll start by sharing with you some of the ways we'll use that theme...
Rock & Roll, 2009

• the Art & Soul logo for that year
• on tee shirts, aprons and such
• our program/your class passes
• for contests
• decorations and signage
• the opening night party

How else does our theme get used?
• for trades
• book swaps
• dressing up
• journaling fun
• demos
• midnight pajama parties
• on-site store DIY
• class projects

....and so much more!

So what else makes a good theme? It's something that can be utilized in all these ways. It's fun and interesting. It's inspirational for our mixed media crowd. It conjures up multiple ideas at the same time. And the images that would make you think of the theme are plentiful.

Into the Garden, 2011
Some of our past themes include Flights of Fancy, Orient Express, On Safari, Into the Garden, Wonderland, Rock and Roll, Cirque du Soul, and a few others that go way back. But now we want your ideas.

So go ahead... tell us what you'd like to see as our theme for 2016. I know that you'll come up with some great ideas! There will probably be so many imaginative ones that we may even use your suggestions for 2017... and 2018... and 2019... and 2020....

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