Monday, March 16, 2015

Painting A Portrait of Portland...

Wow! What a whirlwind of creativity, courage, and cameraderie we experienced at Art & Soul Portland this year. Tons of artistic attendees learning new and interesting mixed media techniques. Students pushing themselves outside their comfort zones. And so many souls of like mind coming together and forming new friendships and fostering those of years past. This is why we do these events! There aren't too many things better than having a front row seat to the innovation, ingenuity and individuality of our lovely attendees and talented instructors!

So let me paint that portrait of our Portland event for you. Our students are enamored with the genre of mixed media and well... I have to say they make a great impression!

They love to stretch and grow and build layer upon layer of creativity into their repertoire...

I see many thinking outside the box... figuratively and literally!

And we love our tools! Yes, there are paintbrushes and pens... but our mixed media retreats created generations of students that shop for their art supplies at the hardware store!

Time flies here at our events, and people really get in gear...

And sometimes our attendees have dog days... but of course it's always by choice!

And in most cases, we can just throw them a bone... and that makes them happy!

So... all-in-all everybody had a great time in Portland, made amazing stuff, and learned lots of new things. And just as that event has ended, it's time for us to ramp up for our Kansas City, MO Art & Soul retreat! Who wants to come play?

See you soon,

© photos by Ingrid Dijkers, Erin Keck, Ruth Krening, Rebekah Meier and Jean Van Brederode


  1. Super blog post! I'm ready to play in KC!

  2. Portland was awesome!!! Seeing old friends and making new ones was great! Learning and exploring all types of art - loved it!!!


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