Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Up... Up... and Away... Our 2015 Logo Revealed!

We are so very tickled to bring you our new Art & Soul
theme and logo for 2015... 

Flights of Fancy!

The idea came about last year when a few instructors and attendees gathered after class and had a little brainstorming session. The thought behind it was a kind of Jules Verne inspired hot air balloon look. Jules Verne was a French novelist, poet, and playwright best known for his adventure novels and his profound influence on the literary genre of science fiction. You may remember him for his incredible stories including Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in 80 Days.

The incredibly amazing vintage-meets-steampunk artwork was created by our very own Art & Soul Instructor Leslie Brier. Well-known for her inventive mixed media art, Leslie has a knack for combining Victorian style objects with futuristic overtones. We knew in a heartbeat, she'd be the perfect artist to create this year's logo. And... you can experience some of Leslie's talent in person.... she'll be teaching at our Portland retreat as well as our Virginia Beach event.

So put on your thinking caps my little mixed-media mavens! I can't wait to see what imaginative things you come up with for trades, swaps, themed clothing and oodles of ephemera to bring along to our Art & Soul Retreats this year. Up... Up... and Away!

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