Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Holidays and Helping Hands...

The holidays are a great time to help those in need. We may all get swept up in amazing retail sales, sappy or silly Christmas movies, decorating to the nines, and planning out holiday meals. But there are so many people in our own communities who go without. Without food. Without money to buy their kids' presents. How can you keep the fun of Santa Claus going with your children when your bellies and wallets are empty?

Enter... us! Every year I volunteer at my local Salvation Army doing food drives and presents for the kids. I also lend my time to our local Portland Food Bank, aptly named... Sno Cap. It does my heart good to be able to help others in need. And you know what? Their gratitude is contagious! If you ever  got the holiday blues, a healthy dose of Volunteerism will cure you in a minute!

Whether you donate your time or donate your dollars, every little bit makes a difference. Uplifting souls is a pretty great gift to give this holiday season. And the best part? Your soul will be uplifted in the process. How great is that!

Happy Holidays! Ho, Ho, Hope!

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