Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Stitch in Time is... Here Forever!

Patti Calande has always been a maker. As a child her cousin taught her to sew, and her grandmother taught her to crochet. She's taken many classes since that time to further her creative endeavors. When Patti discovered Alabama Chanin, she felt an immediate affinity for their techniques, style, and integrity. She knew this was what she wanted to do. Patti eventually went on to attend multiple workshops at their factory in Alabama, completed their teaching accreditation requirements, and is now a certified Alabama Chanin Sewing Instructor.

Patti is excited to help others discover the wonderful world of hand-stitching heirloom pieces. She not only embraces the pleasure of the process, but also the thoughtful crafting of something beautiful and useful, something to be enjoyed by the maker now and their future generations to come, that’s so good for the soul.

And she's going to help you do that too!

Patti is teaching her Alabama Chainin technique in an amazing workshop at our Portland Art & Soul in March 2015. And it's not just about stitching... it's about beading and patterns and stencils and fabrics and more! Check out her video...

Hand Stitching & Embellishing, The Alabama Chanin Way
Sunday, March 8th, 2015

The Alabama Chanin way offers a fresh take on age-old hand stitching techniques. Join Patti in exploring these techniques, such as applique and reverse applique. She'll talk about different types of stitches, from the running stitch to elaborate embroidery stitches, and their applicable uses. She’ll go over some of her favorite tips and tricks to help make for a smooth, successful sewing experience. She’ll touch on materials, pattern cutting, beading, and stenciling; and you’ll learn garment construction too.

So... are you inspired? I certainly love the peacefulness and calm of hand sewing, stitching and embrioidery... and Patti Calande is just the soul to take you through it!

For more information on our Portland retreat, as well as registration, check out our website today!

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