Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ain't She A Doll... One Of Our Own!

I was so excited to hear that our very own Graphic Designer, Michelle Bernard, had recently begun concentrating on her Art Dolls — and that more than 15 of them were accepted for two different exhibits at Torche' Galerie! She even sold 3 of her dolls at the first Opening Night! How awesome is that?

Michelle is no stranger to Art & Soul, having attended our event for years, taught a couple of opening night classes, and then became our Graphic Designer — creating ads, logos, marketing material, and the like to promote our retreat.

She's dabbled in collage, assemblage, journaling, painting, bookmaking, jewelry, dolls, and lots of other mixed media stuff! And, by her own admission, much of her artwork today was inspired by classes she took at Art & Soul! Oh, yes... such a proud Mama I am.

And it wasn't that Michelle didn't enjoy dabbling in collage, assemblage, journaling, painting, bookmaking, jewelry, dolls, and lots of other mixed media stuff! But this year she wanted to focus on one main genre of creativity. And Art Dolls allowed her to utilize her sculpting, painting, fabric, craft, jewelry and mixed media expertise — all on one piece!

Her little folk art characters have a modern twist and are sometimes a bit twisted (Michelle says that's a compliment!). I just love their facial expressions. And I know that a lot of heart and soul went into these. I've seen Michelle at work during the retreats. Her brain is always thinking of new and clever ways to do things, but at the same time letting her true style emerge. Sheesh, am I gushing or what?

To see more of Michelle's Art Dolls, you can check out her Artist's Page on the Torche' Galerie website. And you can also see more of her mixed media creations on her website YesterdaysTrashArt.com. As for her Graphic Design work? Well, you can just open up an issue of Somerset Studio or Where Women Create, among others, to find her handiwork on the glossy pages of our favorite publications!

So congratulations, Michelle. We're so proud of you. It's been an amazing journey getting to know you, seeing you grow creatively at our retreats, and to see where it's taken you! Bravo my dear!


  1. WOW!!!!! so so HAPPY for you... all your hard work and creativity is paying off.....it is nice to see your dolls on the pages of the magazines but love seeing them in person....and they do have such personality...just like you.... congrats and I am proud of you as well my friend.....

    1. Thanks so much Laura! You're one of my biggest cheerleaders. Appreciate all the rah-rah's! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for this amazing article! And thanks so much for doing what you do. Without Art & Soul, I would not have discovered my love of mixed media. Your events kept my passion burning year after year. xoxoxo


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