Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lending a Helping Hand... Feeding Los Cabos Kids in Mexico

My friends, Gloria Christian and Dan Powell, graciously invited me to join them in Cabo San Lucas for a week. I had never been to Cabo, or to Mexico for that matter. All of my adventures for the past 11 years have only been related to A&S with side trips for family reunions.  This was a most thrilling opportunity; a vacation I could never have taken without them.  It was the first time I have ever been away without my computer attached to my arm. My phone didn’t work either. After the first few days of panic, I gave in and relaxed. Life actually could exist without my answering an email immediately!

While visiting, we heard of an organization called Feeding Los Cabos Kids. It struck a nerve and tugged at our heartstrings — so we immediately became involved. We drove a long way from the center of luxurious hotels filled with vacationing tourists, into the more desolate country side where communities were in desperate need of help. 

We arrived at a small one room church and worked with others to feed about 60 children one evening. I wish I could describe the innocent faces of the small children as they devoured the spaghetti that we had prepared. It was both a most humbling and gloriously enlightening experience all at once.

Several kitchens have been set up by Feeding Los Cabos Kids in the most needed communities, and are able to feed the children as much as 3 times a week. For some of them, that's their only meal of the day. The organization — started by a woman who came to Cabos and saw something beyond the luxurious hotels that drew her attention — not only brings food to these children, but love and ministry as well.

The whole experience touched my heart so much, it made me think... If only I were younger, or wealthier, or....??? I would absolutely be one of those people you see on the National Geographic Channels... working to help those less fortunate than ourselves. But for now, it's my hands to their mouths. And that's a start.

I will return to the Church one day to see those smiling cherubic faces again!

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