Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Refresh, Relax, Recharge! A Cabin in the Woods

There's no place like home. But sometimes you've got to get away from home, even if it's just for a short while...

I am fortunate to have a friend in Central Oregon who is renting me a very small cabin.  I can bring the dogs, relax, re-energize and make plans for A&S without interruptions.

You see... working in my home has many benefits.  It also has its downside – mostly that I never stop working. With today's technology, an iPad, iPhone, lap top are always within reach. So there is no such thing as technically "closing the office". Many times, a quick email read results in turning on the main business computer to handle a request. And then three hours later, I find myself still in the office. The answer is to physically leave the house for an extended period, and a trip to the grocery store does not count as down time!

But taking in the quaint surroundings of this cozy little cabin certainly does!

Sitting still long enough to make time for local friends... yup, that's taking it easy.

Soaking up the visual texture that Mother Earth provides for us everywhere we look... yeah, that kind of thing is good for the soul.

Even in winter this cozy cottage can surround me with serenity... not to mention snow! It's my little place to refresh, relax and recharge. What's yours?


  1. Self care is so important for all of us! I disconnect by immersing myself in a book on my deck this time of year.

  2. i love to garden...pulling weeds and planting new plants helps me regroup and meditate....

    1. Helen, I love gardening also. Weeds... well... not so much!

  3. What a lovely place to decompress.

  4. Just lovely! I hope you rest and refresh!!!


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