Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get In Touch With Your 7-year-old Self!

One of Art & Soul's favorite new instructors is Mindy Lacefield. Her whimsical approach to mixed media painting is indeed a draw in itself (pun intended!). But her thoughtful attention to her students and her laid back instructional style are what make her classes so very popular... and FUN!

Mindy will again be teaching at our Portland venue this fall with 3 new classes! Check them out and then sign up! Her former students are still raving about her workshops and how their art has taken a looser, more lighthearted approach because of them!

One With Nature
Thursday, October 3rd • full day workshop
You'll explore nature and it's oneness that empowers you. It becomes a source of creativity and harmony with the spirit. Learn to release your separateness, be truly connected and inspired and make art from this source.

Wonderlove Affirmations
Friday, October 4th • full day workshop
Join Mindy as she leads you through exercises to loosen up and paint from the heart of a child. You'll be gently nudged to embrace your vulnerabilities and welcome happy accidents. Because therein lies the magic. They are first set as an intention and through PLAY they become us, personified.

Sunday, October 6th • full day workshop
Get ready to release your inner Mermaid!! Let the moon over the sea be your muse as you dive deep into oceans of blues and greens. Let loose and allow your inner child to take over while getting messy with paint. Symbolism will play a big part of your background and Mindy will show you how to tap into your own story... building up layers of marks, color, words, and numbers.

Awesome, right? So go ahead and grab your whimsy, a few brushes, some favorite paints and your inner child.... and take one of Mindy's amazingly fun workshops this October at our 2013 Portland Art & Soul event.

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