Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Virginia Beach... An "Event-ful" Trip!

Well, folks... we had another great event at Art & Soul Virginia Beach this year! Just as we wrapped up our Kansas City event, it was practically time to start packing for this trip! And what a great time it was. I mean... look at the view from the hotel balcony! And the weather was very cooperative this year. Hooray!

The opening night party put on by The Bead Goes On was a great icebreaker for the event. Everyone showed up in their safari best and enjoyed themed food, jungle decor, and wonderful goodies from our sponsor. It was a great way to relax, meet other students and teachers, as well as have a little fun before the creative classes began.

Did I mention having a little fun? Well... um... yeah. We did. And Marie is always there to rescue me if I've been "hanging around" for too long! Gotta get a good night's sleep so I'm well rested for the official opening day!

So here I am in the "office"... our little makeshift area where we check you in for your classes. And  there's a lot less of me than there was last year... after all the weight I've lost. Yay me!

This venue seems to bring out the best in everyone. The bayside waves lapping at our doorsteps and the smell of salt in the air just remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment. And that's really what Art & Soul is all about... being in the moment. Enjoying the journey. Soaking up new ideas and techniques like a sea sponge! It's easy to do here. Just look at the results!

Whether you were waxing poetic in Serena Barton's class or...

...waxing collaged houses in Stephanie Rubiano's workshop, the sweet smell of beeswax had everyone abuzz!

Lots of time? How about trying your hand at a Steampunk clock, like Sheila, who came all the way from Key West, Florida to stretch her creativity!

How about jewelry making with a bang? Lynne Suprock showed her students how to use shotgun shells to create these "charming" rings!

And speaking of charming... isn't this Chandelier from Sally Jean Alexander's Mini Ella class just divine? The photo is a little out of focus but this student's work wasn't. How fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous!

And boy, do we treat our babies well at Art & Soul! They're all bottle fed around here. Whoops! Wait a minute... is that a heat gun? Of course it is. These vintage dolls are getting an upcycling in Clarissa Callesen's Steampunk Sally workshop.

Got mold? No, not that kind... the good kind! Molds you can use over and over and over and over again after you create tons of them in Ty and Marcia Schultz' class. The wheels are turning just thinking about all the ways I could use them!

Shhhhhh. Quiet. Sometimes what you hear when you walk into a classroom here is nothing. Not a peep. And that, my friends is the sound of creative concentration. (whispering...) Can you hear it?

Oh, what shall I do next? Where shall I go from here? So many possibilities! So much fun in Mindy Lacefield's Journal Play class. Mindy puts the wheeee in whimsical!

And there was some Delectable Doodling going on in Kari McKnight's class! Just look at that juicy journal fodder. Yum!

And painting...

And clay figure making...

And of course vendor night is always a fun frenzy! Shopping for vintage bits and baubles as well as finished artwork from several of our very own instructors is a magical time for us mixed media mavens. I know I go around at least 3 or 4 times... just to make sure I didn't miss anything!

We also had a rockin' on-site store thanks to Judy Gula and Artistic Artifacts. Fun demos from Ken with Spellbinders... we even snuck in a late night pajama party! Wow! So thanks again to everyone... the gracious hotel staff, my right hand chicks, the teachers, the attendees, and everyone else who made this such a spectacular time. Until Portland...


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  1. Looks like it was an exciting and successful event! I love those encaustic houses!


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