Monday, May 20, 2013

Kansas City Wrap Up... sMiles & sMiles of Creativity!

Well, what can I say? Our inaugural event in Kansas City, Missouri this past April was a wonderful respite for creative souls of all kinds. With so many amazing photos to sift through (oh, and another Art & Soul Retreat in VA at the end of April), it's taken me this long to pick out a few to share with all of you!

I must confess... the first time you do anything new, there's always a sense of nervousness about everything going right. But I have to say... between the beautiful venue, the excited students and our multi-talented workshop instructors.... it was a time and a place to remember!

Our newest retreat took place at The Elms Hotel & Spa, located on the outskirts of Kansas City in the town of Excelsior Springs. Doesn't that sound just heavenly? Well, it was!

From the inside out, this historic hotel was an ideal setting for letting go of the everyday hustle and bustle of life, while attendees explored new artistic techniques and made wonderfully creative projects! The grounds and interior were absolutely gorgeous and the old timey feel only added to that.

Heck...  even the coffee was pretty! The staff was simply outstanding and met our very unusual demands with a smile. They enjoyed having us... and you could tell. And we enjoyed being there.

I mean... take a look at some of the classrooms! What an inspirational place to make art and create mixed media magic.

Like this amazing piece created in one of Cathy Taylor's classes. It's a brilliantly colored, cleverly shaded, excellently executed masterpiece! The students really take my breath away.

And speaking of masterpieces, want to paint like a master? Then study with Jill Berry and you'll be doing it in no time flat. Picasso in a day.... it can be done!

Like to play with dolls? So does Tory Brokenshire, here with some student work. Having students recycle tins for bodies and create clay people around them — each with their own unique look — was magnificent to see unfold in her Story Tellers class.

And talk about fine details.... you cannot even imagine the beautiful fabric and fiber creations that come out of any Liz Kettle's classes! All the careful, thoughtful placement of color and stitch is something that happens magically whenever she teaches a workshop.

Got Gelli Plates? Well, if you don't... and you try it... then you will. Ask anyone at Art & Soul who tried this technique... and they'll tell you they're hooked! A new and easy way to make fodder for your journal pages, collages and much more. So pretty!

Are you a metal head? We have all kinds at Art & Soul. These ladies are having a ball (not of the head-bangers type) in Jill Timm's dremel workshop. Now that's class!

Or maybe you'd like to Chime In... which was the clever name of Erin Keck's creative class, where students got to upcycle tons of vintage goodies to make a wind chime of the most extraordinary kind.

Perhaps you're more of the texting kind? Take a look at this amazing journal work. Just gorgeous!

A bit of schpritzing....

A little carving...

And a fabulous Vendor Extravaganza made this a first time event to remember!

We really had it all at Art & Soul Kansas City! The turnout was great, but the smiles are what made it all worthwhile. These pictures reveal only a fraction of the endless creativity and fun we all had, but I don't think Blogger will let me add any more in this post! So I'm going to just thank you all again... the attendees, the teachers, my right hand chicks, Judy and her pop-up store, our vendors, the hotel and staff.... Thank YOU! We'll see you all again in 2014.



  1. The venue is gorgeous and it looks like everyone had fun! Those vintage tin characters are adorable!!

    1. Katalina, this place just warmed my heart (and it wasn't just that magnificent fireplace!).

  2. WOW, Glenny. This looks like this was the neatest place!! What a wonderful find. I hope that I can add that to my A&S repetoire, and maybe bring the man - he loves KC...will have to see how the finances go in the world of sequestration and furloughs (I work for DoD) ~~

    1. Pandamonion, would love to see you there next year!!

  3. hoping to see you all there in 2014 too!!! xoxo

  4. It was a wonderful first Art & Soul experience. As a Kansas City resident I appreciated the opportunity to meet so many friendly and generous people and to create in this beautiful venue. I am excited about next year.

    1. So glad you had a great time Joanne! See you in 2014.


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