Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Train Your Dragon... and Other Animal Stories!

Have you seen this awesome Dragon! class taught by two of my favorite instructors Ty and Marcia Schultz at Art & Soul Virginia? It's a chance for you to breathe life into your very own mythical creature as you learn to create the basic form that supports your dragon and decorate it any way you wish! Ty and Marcia will be by your side to guide your sculptural side and share secrets of the prop-building trade. It's an evening that will have you breathing fire... in a good way!

Take a look at this fun little video as Ty explains what you'll get to accomplish in this unique evening workshop! 

And in case Dragons aren't your thing, maybe you have other hangups? Perfect! Then check out Ty and Marcia's Animal Hang Ups workshop. You'll get to make your very own animal to hang on the wall!

This impressive duo will magically show you how to create realistic-looking animals using everyday materials. You'll surprise yourself as these experts (26 years in the biz) show you how easy it can be to make something so beautiful!

Or maybe you don't want to sculpt from scratch yet but you've always wanted to make a mold from objects you already have? Awesome! In their Moldmaking class, Ty and Marcia can show you the step-by-step process of creating a two piece silicone block mold as well as a few other types of processes. If you ever needed more than one of the same item for an art piece, then this comprehensive class will be invaluable!

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  1. Awesome workshops! We are so fortunate to have them teaching these wonderful classes at Art and Soul!


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