Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Living Color....

Hey! Did you ever want to take a Jesse Reno workshop? Well, you might after watching this really awesome video about the artist — and long-time Art & Soul instructor extraordinaire — to discover more about his background and very unique style of art!

And speaking of videos, we're introducing them on our Art & Soul website. Sort of a little how-do-you-do from the instructors, telling you a little bit about themselves, the workshops they offer and showcasing their individual styles. Moving forward we're going to have more and more videos as a really cool, interactive, face-to-face addition to the project photos for our workshop pages. We thought it would be nice to get to know your instructors or class projects more in-depth while you sit at the computer and contemplate which workshops to take!

Want to see some more videos? Check out this amazingly orchestrated one for Lana Guerra's Misfit Dolls class and this heavenly preview of Serena Barton's Landscape of Dreams class. Just scroll down the workshop page to watch!


  1. Awesome Video Jesse it was great to see your talk about your work .Thanks for sharing


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