Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Virginia Beach Was Pure... LOVE!

Okay, so you know it's going to be a fantastic week at Art & Soul when LOVE is in the air... or in this case... the airport! What a fun and whimsical giant mixed media version of our favorite word. The beginning of Art & Soul Virginia beach was off to a grand start when we saw this at the Norfolk Airport.

We were ready for all our lovely attendees and for dipping our toes into the creative pool. Wow, that's a lot of creativity out there!

Our spacious classrooms were packed — as usual — with happy souls, ready to take on new artistic adventures.

The instructors this year — both long time and brand newbies — were exceptional, as always. They took great care of their students, taking time to guide each and every one to their highest potential.

And our attendees... what can I say? They shined and sparkled like bits of diamond in the Virginia Beach sands! You all know that seeing what everybody makes is one of my favorite aspects of each event!

Happy faces means our students are so proud! And happy faces make my job so rewarding!

Chime in if you've heard this all before! These ladies did, in their class by the same name, hosted by Erin Keck! Yeah, yeah... I know... you've heard it all before, but it's true. And so let's point out something interesting about Virginia Art & Soul...

I noticed lots of color during the event this fall. For example, our attendees were very colorful! I just love to see all the adorable outfits people have for making art. Hey, even if you're going to get messy, you gotta look cute!

And really... at this particular retreat... there was color, color everywhere! From a tie-dyed patron who make a clock to match, to the batiked fabric scarves in Artistic Artifacts to art made with wax and art made with paint... there was a pop of brightness around every creative corner.

And what's this we see here? Students in surgical masks? Was there an ebola scare in Virginia!?!?

Of course not! It's just our new instructor Deborah Petronio, demonstrating the proper safety techniques for cutting off doll faces... in her class, Heads Up! Where students got to create little niches in vintage dollies. Good times!

And speaking of dollies, Leslie Brier's students rocked it out in Machine Age Santos!

Judy Gula rocked it out all week long at her on-site store! Look at those yummy supplies. Mmmmm!

And Vendor night, well... that's always rockin'!

So from the bottom of our hearts to the tippy tops of our Souls, I want to thank all of you for another spectacular event and for a fabulous 2014 season. We will see you next year!

Glenny, Marie & Staff

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  1. So glad that you had such a fabulous event! I hope to get down there next year!!! Safe travels and art on till then!!


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