Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And The Beat Goes On...

Lots of the time we talk about our spectacular retreats, the amazing workshops we offer, our professional teachers, and our tireless staff. But what we don't talk a whole lot about is what happens after the retreats (hmmm, I feel a theme coming on!). So this week, I thought we'd share an exciting success story...

Recently I received a thoughtful e-mail from one of our attendees — Darlene Koppel — letting me know that she'd been published in the Autumn issue of one of our all-time favorite magazines...  Art Journaling! Oh, and it's not her first time either. She's had her work featured in several publications for many years now. How about that!

It seems that her mixed media art gathering — Tidewater Artists Group (TAG) — was formed after meeting some kindred spirits at one of our Art & Soul events 5 years ago... and they're still going strong today!

And Darlene doesn't stop creating. She's learning and playing and trying new things all the time, and sharing it all on her blog Cinnamon Pink! You all know how much I love seeing the finished products at the retreats, but I am over the moon when I see that sense of creative exploration and experimentation continue after you've all gone home!

Congratulations Darlene, we're so proud of you! And if any of you Art & Soul Retreat-ers out there have a success story to share with us... we'd love to hear it! We may even feature you in an upcoming blog post!

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