Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don't Miss This Amazing Offer!

David Molder & Eric Scott - Alternative Approaches to the Self Portrait

Wow, wow, wowie, wow! Can you tell I'm excited about the new lineup for our 2016 Portland Art & Soul? I'm thrilled to let you know that classes for this event are now online and ready for you to browse! AND.... we're kicking off open registration June 1st with an awesome sale!! If you sign up during this early bird special, Event Registration will be $35 (instead of $50) and all Full Day Classes will be $135 (instead of $150)! The sale ends August 1st, so take advantage of this discount offer and insure you get the classes and teachers that you wanted!

Oh, and besides the savings we have for you... check out some of the incredible lineup of classes we have in store for Portland 2016!

Ingrid Dijkers has turned journaling on its head — or should I say YOUR head — with her Crown Chronicles workshop! And seriously... what better way to share your favorite affirmations, quotes or journaled random thoughts than on your head with a crown?

Lulu Moonwood Murakami is going to take you on a tale of a journey in her Fabric Collage Storybook Dolls class. Love mixing fabric patterns and colors? So does LuLu! Get funky creating whimsical storybook characters with fabric collage and some wild machine stitching in her workshop.

Create your own polymer clay "bunting" with Laurie Mika in this Heraldic Clay Banner workshop! This is a perfect class to explore a number of techniques using polymer clay because each triangle provides an opportunity to try out a new way of embellishing the surface. Swoon!

And OMG! Are these Needle Felted Cakes taught by LeBrie Rich just the most adorable things you've ever seen? You'll create beautiful and intricate desserts inspired by Japanese felt master Rio Fukuda. This class is a good introduction to needle felting: you’ll learn to make many basic shapes and will be prepared to create anything on your own at home! Sweet!

Ever want to try your hand at Precious Metal Clay? Well now you can and come out looking like an expert in Ruth Greening's Intro to PMC Silver workshop! You'll fall in love with the versatility and beauty of this workable, forgiving medium that lends itself to so many different crafts.

So that's just a small sample of the amazing lineup we have for you at Portland next year! With all types of mixed media disciplines like collage, assemblage, journaling, bookmaking, painting, sculpting, fabric and fiber arts, digital manipulation, jewelry and so much more... we have something for everyone!

Art & Soul Portland 2016
February 29th - March 6th
[special introductory sale ends August 1st]

Happy Browsing!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kansas City... Fun and Play and An Arrest on the Way?

Well, another successful Retreat at Art & Soul Kansas City. Our venue — the Elms Hotel & Spa — just made it even more spectacular, with it's rich history, decor, and just the whole feel of the place.

We had so many happy students, making beautiful mixed media works of art, learning new techniques, stretching their creative boundaries.

To our attendees, work is play, just like play is work. But it's the kind of work you could do every day! When I walk into a classroom and everyone is silent... that's when I know they're in the zone!

As usual the projects that came out of our workshops were simply spectacular, as were the grins on the faces of the makers. I know I sound like a broken record, but that really is one of my favorite parts of doing these retreats. When someone creates something they never thought they could, and feels great about it! Boy, am I the proud mama.

The teachers we had lined up for this event were just spectacular. With degrees in Art, Life, and doctorates in Patience.... they really do help our students shine!

There were such a variety of classes available, that everyone found something to push their creative boundaries. Jewelry, fabric, collage, assemblage, bookmaking, sculpting, and so much more!

It was a pleasure to watch all these different techniques unfold through all the different projects taught at this retreat. ALTHOUGH... when the police arrived, we were all wondering how such a low-key creative retreat could have brought the boys in blue!

We're still not sure WHY the local police arrived (including the Captain who happily put on a steampunk hat) but we had them laughing and enjoying our festivities. And it was a fun ending to a great week with a few of our hororary attendees. 

And THEN, we were sure the ghost had placed a body in the pool – and were amused to learn that it was an attendee who just left our foolishness and was soaking and floating around!

Just more proof that you never know what will happen at one of our Art & Soul Retreats... whether it's art imitating life... or life imitating art (or a scene from CSI!) a good time and good laughs are always had by all!

See you next time in Virginia!

Glenny & the Crew

© photos courtesy of Glenny Moir, Jean Van Brederode, Erin Keck, Mindy Lacefield, Seth Apter, Blue Twig Studio

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kansas City in Full Swing!

Well, we're at the glorious Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO and our mixed media art retreat is in full swing! There is something about this hotel that is difficult to explain unless you experience it in person. You immediatley feel welcomed and embraced. And its not the staff — it is the HOTEL. And its EXACTLY what Art & Soul is all about.

Classes are in progress and students are busy making, making, making. Just check out this Steampunk Airship Chime from one of Erin Keck's students. Too cool!

And here are some of Erin's students getting their etch on... in her Shoe Cobbler's Journal workshop. They hand crafted some amazing books!

This adorable lounging feline is the class sample for Doris Arndt's Here Kitty Kitty workshop. Can't wait to see the colorful creations her students come up with.

And speaking of colorful, I'm so proud of our very own Cathy Taylor, shown her at her book signing...

Her new book, Pigments of Your Imagination is hot off the press, and chock full of ideas for using Alcohol Inks in your art. It really is stunning!

So that's just a sneak peek at what we've been up to. There's a whole lot more going on. If you're in the area, stop on by and we'll fit you into a class!

© photos courtesy of Jean Van Brederode

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Play on the Bay!

Art & Soul Virginia Beach... ahhhh... what can we say? Talk about creative inspiration! What better to inspire your creativity and need for a relaxing getaway with like-minded souls, than with Mother Nature herself!

All of our venues are special in their own way, but along the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay, the views are gorgeous from sunup to sundown...

And everywhere in-between! Every room at the Virginia Beach Resort has a view of the shoreline.

And each one has gorgeous full-length windows that let in the sunlight... just begging you to pull out that class project and play some more!

The classrooms are spacious enough to spread out and enjoy your workshops!

And at the end of the day, the waves are calling to your little toesies.

And did we mention the comfortable rooms, the amazing restaurant and bar, and the friendly staff who puts up with our creative messes and treats us like royalty?

September 28 - October 4, 2015
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel

So come join us for an amazingly inspiring mixed media art retreat, in an amazingly inspiring location. Let's play on the bay! For more information and to register for our Virginia event, visit our website www.ArtAndSoulRetreat.com

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Help Us Find Our 2016 Theme! We Want Your Suggestions!

Puttin On The Ritz, 2012

We're deep in the middle of our 2015 retreats, but it's never too early to start contemplating what theme to do for next year's events! We usually unveil our choice — along with a spectacular logo — a few months before the start of the actual season. Just to get you excited and thinking about how you can play around with the theme for trades, book swaps, fashion, accessories and more. Even many of our teachers will submit classes for the year that have the theme incorporated into the project. Such fun!

So we want you to come up some ideas for us, and we're going to pick from your suggestions!

What makes a good theme? Well, lets see... I'll start by sharing with you some of the ways we'll use that theme...
Rock & Roll, 2009

• the Art & Soul logo for that year
• on tee shirts, aprons and such
• our program/your class passes
• for contests
• decorations and signage
• the opening night party

How else does our theme get used?
• for trades
• book swaps
• dressing up
• journaling fun
• demos
• midnight pajama parties
• on-site store DIY
• class projects

....and so much more!

So what else makes a good theme? It's something that can be utilized in all these ways. It's fun and interesting. It's inspirational for our mixed media crowd. It conjures up multiple ideas at the same time. And the images that would make you think of the theme are plentiful.

Into the Garden, 2011
Some of our past themes include Flights of Fancy, Orient Express, On Safari, Into the Garden, Wonderland, Rock and Roll, Cirque du Soul, and a few others that go way back. But now we want your ideas.

So go ahead... tell us what you'd like to see as our theme for 2016. I know that you'll come up with some great ideas! There will probably be so many imaginative ones that we may even use your suggestions for 2017... and 2018... and 2019... and 2020....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Teacher Spotlight... Helen Garcia!

This is just one of Helen Garcia's amazing projects from the amazing workshops she'll be teaching at our Kansas City, MO Art & Soul Retreat! We got to experience this class — Crinkly Iridescent Vestiges Quilt — in Portland and it was... amazing!  This paper quilt is loaded with colorful crinkly textures. The paint and ink flowed into the crevices giving the papers a wonderful aged look. Students got to experiment with this special watermedia batik-like technique on Masa rice paper. They used an acrylic ink technique to make marks and paint with watercolor, letting the colors blend and fuse together naturally. Simply stunning!

Helen Shafer Garcia is a painter, mixed media artist and award winning illustrator. Her whimsical style shows a love for living creatively with a studio filled to the brim with found objects! She’s currently working with watercolor, pastel and mixed media creating contemporary images on paper along with a series of Icon folklore triptychs with wood, watermedia and found object construction.

For the past 20 years, Helen’s watercolor illustrations have graced the cover brochures, garden articles and advertisements of numerous International resorts and magazines. Awards include four San Diego Press Club First Place Awards of Excellence in Illustration for San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine. Helen holds a BA degree in Fine Arts and currently teaches college level Watercolor and Acrylic painting, Book Arts, and Pastel.

Here's a sneak peek of what Helen will be teaching at our 2015 Kansas City retreat, which is just around the corner I might add!

Tuesday Evening, April 28

Wednesday Evening, April 29

Thursday, April 30

Friday, May 1

Such colorful and graphic workshops Helen has to offer! So why not come play with us and make something beautiful?

Mixed Media Art Retreat
April 27 - May 1, 2015
The Elms Hotel & Spa
Excelsior Springs, Missouri

For more information on Art & Soul or to register for any of our events, visit us at www.ArtAndSoulRetreat.com

See you soon!