Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And The Beat Goes On...

Lots of the time we talk about our spectacular retreats, the amazing workshops we offer, our professional teachers, and our tireless staff. But what we don't talk a whole lot about is what happens after the retreats (hmmm, I feel a theme coming on!). So this week, I thought we'd share an exciting success story...

Recently I received a thoughtful e-mail from one of our attendees — Darlene Koppel — letting me know that she'd been published in the Autumn issue of one of our all-time favorite magazines...  Art Journaling! Oh, and it's not her first time either. She's had her work featured in several publications for many years now. How about that!

It seems that her mixed media art gathering — Tidewater Artists Group (TAG) — was formed after meeting some kindred spirits at one of our Art & Soul events 5 years ago... and they're still going strong today!

And Darlene doesn't stop creating. She's learning and playing and trying new things all the time, and sharing it all on her blog Cinnamon Pink! You all know how much I love seeing the finished products at the retreats, but I am over the moon when I see that sense of creative exploration and experimentation continue after you've all gone home!

Congratulations Darlene, we're so proud of you! And if any of you Art & Soul Retreat-ers out there have a success story to share with us... we'd love to hear it! We may even feature you in an upcoming blog post!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Virginia Beach Was Pure... LOVE!

Okay, so you know it's going to be a fantastic week at Art & Soul when LOVE is in the air... or in this case... the airport! What a fun and whimsical giant mixed media version of our favorite word. The beginning of Art & Soul Virginia beach was off to a grand start when we saw this at the Norfolk Airport.

We were ready for all our lovely attendees and for dipping our toes into the creative pool. Wow, that's a lot of creativity out there!

Our spacious classrooms were packed — as usual — with happy souls, ready to take on new artistic adventures.

The instructors this year — both long time and brand newbies — were exceptional, as always. They took great care of their students, taking time to guide each and every one to their highest potential.

And our attendees... what can I say? They shined and sparkled like bits of diamond in the Virginia Beach sands! You all know that seeing what everybody makes is one of my favorite aspects of each event!

Happy faces means our students are so proud! And happy faces make my job so rewarding!

Chime in if you've heard this all before! These ladies did, in their class by the same name, hosted by Erin Keck! Yeah, yeah... I know... you've heard it all before, but it's true. And so let's point out something interesting about Virginia Art & Soul...

I noticed lots of color during the event this fall. For example, our attendees were very colorful! I just love to see all the adorable outfits people have for making art. Hey, even if you're going to get messy, you gotta look cute!

And really... at this particular retreat... there was color, color everywhere! From a tie-dyed patron who make a clock to match, to the batiked fabric scarves in Artistic Artifacts to art made with wax and art made with paint... there was a pop of brightness around every creative corner.

And what's this we see here? Students in surgical masks? Was there an ebola scare in Virginia!?!?

Of course not! It's just our new instructor Deborah Petronio, demonstrating the proper safety techniques for cutting off doll faces... in her class, Heads Up! Where students got to create little niches in vintage dollies. Good times!

And speaking of dollies, Leslie Brier's students rocked it out in Machine Age Santos!

Judy Gula rocked it out all week long at her on-site store! Look at those yummy supplies. Mmmmm!

And Vendor night, well... that's always rockin'!

So from the bottom of our hearts to the tippy tops of our Souls, I want to thank all of you for another spectacular event and for a fabulous 2014 season. We will see you next year!

Glenny, Marie & Staff

Monday, October 6, 2014

Virginia Fun & Frivolity!

Okay, so Marie and I had to pose by the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel marquis. Who doesn't love to see their name in lights!

steampunk style fun in Leslie Brier's Machine Age Santos class

We're having a fabulous time in Virginia, but sometimes... when our Art & Soul students are busy, busy, busy...

gorgeous mica journals from Erin Keck's workshop

...making really cool stuff inside...

...well... some of us head outside for a little break! Here I am posing by the King Neptune statue with longtime attendee turned bestie, Dennis Webb. P.S. I'm much taller than I look! And...

...so is that statue! Holy sea creatures!

And if you've ever wondered what some of our instructors do on their time off, well... Ingrid Dijkers is just playing it by ear!

We're packing up to head home now, but... Wow! What another great retreat we had. I'll catch up soon with more photos and details of the Virginia Beach event.

Ta-ta for now!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Are Here! Yay for VA!

Marie and I arrived yesterday... excited and enthused!

So what do we do first? Head out to the beach for a selfie, of course!

And we found that all points lead to Art & Soul!! (p.s. no Horseshoe Crabs were harmed in the making of this mixed media collage!)

And, oh.... I mean... SERIOUSLY? I know we said we arrived in Virginia Beach, but you'd think we just got to Heaven! And a little bit of Heaven is what you'll have here at Art & Soul.

Can't wait to see you all!

~Glenny, Marie, Liz and crew

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

VIRGINIA... V is for...

Well folks, our Virginia Beach Art & Soul Retreat is just around the corner! So I thought we could regale you with a little VIRGINIA word play, and at the same time let you know why we love this venue so much. Here we go...

V is for the Vast array of workshops we have to offer.

From playing with paper, fabric, fiber, clay, metal and any vintage object you can think of, we've got something to delight every mixed media maven out there!

I is for our amazing Instructors.

Hand picked by our staff, our classes are taught by the most amazing people at the top of their industry. Several of our instructors have published books, won awards, appear in galleries, and sell their finished goods because their work is the best in the business and because they're in such high demand!

R is for Relaxing and Recharging at our Retreat.

Okay, so there's only one R, but these three go together like peas in a pod. Not only do you get to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but you get to recharge your creative batteries at our mixed media art retreat! And let's not forget that this venue is right on the beach, with an oceanfront view from every room. Now that's relaxing!

G is for Guidance.

You're not in this alone. Your desire to explore new avenues of art and expand your creativity is all you need to bring to Art & Soul. Our teachers, our staff, our shop owners and other attendees will hold your hand the entire way. There's nothing to fear but not stepping out of your comfort zone!

I is for Innovative.

Our workshops showcase some of the most unique techniques and wow-factor projects. From collage to jewelry, art dolls to book making, and everything in-between, the art you'll make while you're here will impress everyone... including yourself!

N is for New.

Each year we have new workshops, several new instructors, new projects, new attendees, new themes, new goodies in our stores, and new old stuff (and new new stuff) for you to sift through at our Vendor Extravaganza. There are so many new opportunities at each event, every year, that you'll never run out of new stuff to learn or do!

I is for... another I? That's 3! Let's make this I for Imagination.

Because that's what you get to use when you come to Art & Soul! Combine like-minded people, supplies galore, interesting mixed media tools, and inspirational instructors... and you cannot help but set your imagination in motion! So put on your thinking crown, and come join us!

A is for Activities.

There is never a dull moment at Art & Soul! In fact, there's very little time for not being creative. There's eating and showers and such, but otherwise, we'll keep you busy! We've got an opening night party. We have day classes and night classes. We've got an on-site store open every day. An incredible Vendor Night with original art and items to re-purpose for sale. We've got contests. And giveaways. And demos. And places to create in your spare time. We even have some impromptu gatherings and have been known to host a pajama party or two! Oh, and that gorgeous beach to walk on any time of night or day.

So whatever your delight, and no matter how you spell it, VIRGINIA Art & Soul will light up your creativity and fill up your soul. We've got so much to offer, won't you come join us? For information and registration, visit us at artandsoulretreat.com.

September 29 - October 5, 2014
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel

See you there! It's only a couple weeks away!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From Beads & Baubles to Metal Masterpieces! Jewelry Artist Eva Sherman...

Eva Sherman began beading as a way to spend time with her daughters, but soon became hopelessly addicted. In 2005 she traded in her architectural career for the opportunity to spend all her time among beads and opened Grand River Beads in Cleveland, OH. Eva now happily spends most days in the studio creating, writing and teaching. She has discovered an affinity for designing jewelry with wire and metals and prefers to create in an organic and unstructured style. Her work is absolutely gorgeous!

We are very lucky to have Eva teaching 6 classes at our 2014 Virginia Beach Art & Soul Retreat — taking place this September 29 - October 5! The projects she has in store for you are pretty amazing. With her thoughtful instruction, she'll take you through from beginning to end as you create a piece of jewelry with unique techniques that will give your piece that wow factor! Check out what she has lined up...

VA154 Cool Copper Cuffs 101 - Mon. Eve - Sept. 29  

 VA152 Fold Forming 101 - Tues. Morning - Sept. 30 

 VA153 Rosette Cuff & Bangle - Tues. Afternoon - Sept. 30

 VA156 Cool Copper Cuffs 102 - Tues. Eve - Sept. 30    

 VA155 Eye of the Storm - Weds. Morning - Oct. 1  

VA157 The Margarita Cuff - Weds. Eve  - Oct. 1
And if that weren't enough, Eva will also be teaching 6 classes at our 2015 Portland Art & Soul Retreat! Her organic style and clever techniques will have you gasping at your very own creations by the end of class. So check out her workshops and sign up today! You won't be disappointed.

For more information on Art & Soul's Mixed Media Retreats, visit us at artandsoulretreat.com.