Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What's Your New Year's Art Resolution?

Okay... I've given you a few weeks to settle in, clean up the house from holidays and family visits, put away the decorations, and gently glide into 2019. So what I really want to know is... what's YOUR New Year's art resolution?

Are you going to MAKE MORE ART? That certainly is at the top of the list for many Art & Soul'ers. We love to make. It's in our blood. And the more we spend time making, the better we feel! So what is it that you need to make more art? More supplies? More time? More knowledge? More workshops? We can help you with that!

Perhaps you're going to TRY SOMETHING NEW? Art & Soul'ers, as a tribe, tend to be the kind that love going outside their creative comfort zone to expand their artistic horizons. Is that your goal this year? What is it that you'd like to try? Watercolor. Zentangle. Bookmaking. Art dolls. Jewelry. Painting. Drawing. Journaling. Collage. Assemblage. We've got classes for that!

Maybe you've promised to STRAIGHTEN UP THE STUDIO? I know that after awhile I can't even think straight if all my wonderful art tools and projects are all over the place... piled on top of each other, out of reach, or lost in the mess. Cleaning up and re-organizing always brings about a fresh perspective on things. A clean slate from which to start anew. Is that on your list for the new year? What do you need to help you be better organized?

Or perhaps this year you're going to take a giant leap and SELL YOUR ART? Do you have lots of experience under your belt (your crafty tool belt, that is) and a whole arsenal of amazing items that you're just itching to share with the world? Good for you! Let us know what type of wonderful wares you'll be peddling in the art and craft world. We all succeed when we support each other!

Maybe you've decided to TEACH ART in some way or fashion? Whether locally at small venues, going on the road, or sharing your knowledge at retreats or even online... that's an exciting step to make in your life. We'd love to know what you're doing, and we're always looking for new teachers too (hint, hint)!

Whatever it is that you've decided to do for your art practice, we'd love to hear about it. And remember... it's a gift you are giving to yourself. And the art you're going to make.... well, that's a gift to the world. So keep making it. Keep showing up. And maybe I'll see you at our next retreat! And you can tell me all about what you're up to in person!

Happy New Year!
Hugs, Glenny xo

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