Monday, October 8, 2018

Announcing our 2019 Theme... Red Carpet!

Lights... Camera... Action! We are so excited to introduce our Art & Soul theme for 2019... Red Carpet! Can't you just see the flashbulbs popping as you walk down the runway dressed from head to toe in glitz and glam? All that fancy fun is what inspired this new theme. Well, that and group I belong to had a New Year's Eve party last year with a Hollywood theme.... and it was a fabulous time. So, no worries... I've done the dress rehearsal for us. It's gonna be grand!

This year's theme was created by Michelle Bernard, who also just happens to be Art & Soul's in-house Graphic Designer and a mixed media artist herself. She was able to take our idea and turn it into an exciting yet sophisticated representation of our theme. Michelle's process starts with extracting everything possible from me about the what and why I like the chosen theme. Then she does lots of research on the subject, followed by brainstorming and sketching out of ideas...

I'd say she hit the nail on the head. And it's so sweet to know that in this digital age — where everything's created on the computer — that there is some old fashioned drawing going on out there. Thanks, Michelle!

So, of course you know that we're going to have a smashing opening night party! I can't wait to see how you all play the part of red carpet celebrities in your best event attire. Heck, who are we kidding... I'm expecting ball gowns in class! The whole week long! Bring your whole wardrobe and your confident, self-assured, awesomely amazing selves. You are all stars in my book!

Glenny xo

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