Friday, November 21, 2014

I Would Walk 500 Miles (Well, Maybe Not)...

Next, we arrived in Nuremberg. A city built 1,000 years B.C. and almost completely destroyed by WWII.  There are a few original buildings remaining, but most were rebuilt after the war.  We took a tour of the Imperial Palace. As with all the castles, it was erected at the highest point of the city in order to watch for any intruders/enemies that may be approaching. As such, the roads inside are very steep; almost vertical. With all the walking, hiking and dancing that I have been doing, I found this journey the most difficult.

The cobblestones and steep angles really took a toll on my knee. I was having major difficulty walking down one very steep street and before long, I realized that the tour had ventured ahead of me and I was alone. I knew that many of our fellow travelers had train reservations and the bus would have to leave in order to accommodate their schedules. Fortunately, Addie had stayed on the bus during the tour and was able to text me immediately when the group arrived sans me. I found a coffee café and stayed put until they were able to come for me approx. one hour later.  It was an adventure, but not one I would like to repeat.  Next time, I will stay on the bus!  Castles are difficult to navigate in the best of conditions, let alone with a bad knee. Obviously, I will be visiting the orthopedic surgeon when I arrive home.

I love Bavaria.  My ancestors came from Switzerland and there is just something special about the overall look and feel of the architecture here.  Tuscany still has my heart, but I love the polka and an oompa band. Oh, and the beautiful gardens... It's amazing what grows here in November!

Thanks all, for coming along on this journey with me. It was fun having your company!


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