Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Award Winning Instructor at Art & Soul!

Meet Judy Porter! She's our newest instructor, a Diamond Award Industry Choice Winner... and she's teaching at Art & Soul Virginia Beach this Fall, as well as our Kansas City and Portland venues next Spring.

Judy lives out in the sticks with cows, several barn cats, a big farm dog name Barkley and a little art mascot PomPoo named Doodles. Oh and a wonderful hubby of 32 years. He won't like being mentioned after the dogs.

For 28 years she has worked professionally as a caricature artist. Eight years ago she took her portrait, caricature work into 3D  polymer clay doing commissioned work — ball jointed dolls.  Her work has been published in several trade magazines, one book, plus she was commissioned for a 50 doll exclusive for a doll convention.

She continues to do event caricatures for several entertainment agencies along with her  doll sculpting. Judy says.. "My love for all things art began in my earliest memories and continues to be happiest moments. Nothing gives me more joy than to bring someone happiness through art."

Her doll Annie, (pictured above) just won the prestigious Diamond Award Industry Choice Winner. The doll is a 17 inch ball jointed doll sculpted by the artist in polymer clay then cast in resin.  Awards are presented by Dolls Magazine judged by professionals in the doll industry.  Each joint is sculpted to create a doll with 16 points of articulation.  Congratulations Judy.  We are so proud of what you have accomplished.

You have an incredible opportunity to take a class from this very talented artist.  Join Judy at any one of our three events.  Her classes include a kit that has EVERYTHING you need.  What could be better??!!  The only thing you'll need to bring is your imagination!

Woodland Whimsies
Judy Porter

Sculpt your own fairy, elf or troll in polymer clay. Learn to sculpt the head, hands and feet , attach it to a wire armature to make your little creature pose in several ways. The body is needle sculpted adding torn fabric, steampunk or other embellishments. You'll use glass eyes to give your little creature it's life like sparkle. There will be lots of goodies provided to make your little forest fantasy creature unique.

These are great little creatures to find in your inside greenery, shadow boxes or just hanging around in your kitchen window. Sit one in a doll chair, hang one from a curtain or build a little forest scene shadow box. Smiles are guaranteed!

For more information and to register for Art & Soul visit our website. We hope to see you there in-person!

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