Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Portland Art & Soul... So Amazing You Could Just Feel the Creativity!

Wow! What an event! I'm already missing each of you and the wonderful week we had in Portland. Thanks to everyone for joining us in our creative playground. This mixed media journey continues to touch lives and we are beyond thrilled!

Now... typically I wrap up an event by featuring photos of our enthusiastic and talented teachers.

I talk about their professional experience and how they love to share their knowledge, one-on-one with students in their workshops.

And then I mention the amazing people who come to Art & Soul for the purpose of expanding their creative horizons.

I brag about the breathtaking art they have created here, and confess that is one of my favorite aspects of these events.

And perhaps I chat a bit about our amazing Vendor Extravaganza and the gorgeous finished work, bits and baubles, ephemera, supplies and brick-a-brack that our teachers and other vendors have for your purchasing pleasure!

But this time I wanted to share a different aspect of Art & Soul with you. The side that makes people love this genre called "mixed media". It's the yummy textures and colors and eye candy that makes up every aspect of every project that gets created at our events. It's the stuff. The stuff you make. The stuff you use to make stuff. It's stuff you made that you use to make other stuff. Like a kid in a creative candy store... one of each, please!

All the different techniques and surfaces you get to use in workshops... well, they just make me swoon. Everything you do involves all the senses, and that's part of the appeal. And using found or everyday objects for mark-making, well... 'nuff said.

Getting to use natural materials in a creative way is such an amazingly tactile experience. Learning to manipulate Mother Nature into a piece of art. How many times do you get to say that?

Papers, papers, papers and more papers. Look at those beautiful layers of color and texture. Yum!

And, like I said... even the stuff you use to make stuff looks appealing when it's all bunched together on your art table...

Who loves fabric, raise your hand! Meeeeee!

And for those who have Shiny Object Syndrome, classes that feature metalworking are the icing on the cake. Or the hammer on the metal. All those bits and baubles. I just want to run my hands over them!

No matter which way you look at Art & Soul, it's an amazing journey, with adventurous souls, tons of creativity, lots of laughs, and a time you'll never forget. I thank you all... from the hotel and staff, the attendees, my helpers, and everyone who makes it possible for me to bring in-person inspiration to the masses! Pinch me, I must be dreaming...


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  1. This was my first year that I finally got to attend Art and Soul and I loved every minute of what I got to attend! My artful soul was reawakened and I will be back next year! Hopefully for more!! After sharing with friends about my experience, showing off my projects and well...just my excitement I think has convinced a few friends to join me next year!


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