Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Queen Victoria Cuff Tutorial with Eva Sherman...

Today we're sharing a fun and easy tutorial  — for this absolutely gorgeous cuff — by our very talented Art & Soul instructor, Eva Sherman. She originally began beading to spend time with her daughters, but soon became hopelessly addicted. In 2005 she traded in her architectural career for the opportunity to open Grand River Beads in Cleveland, OH. This cuff is just one of the many pieces of jewelry Eva loves designing with wire and metals with an organic, unstructured style.

Take it away Eva...

 Queen Victoria Cuff
By Eva Marie Sherman

Knit metal wire mesh from WireKnitZ® makes a beautiful canvas for vintage-themed creations — and you'll feel as elegant as the Queen in this dramatic cuff! Create the cuff, finish it with hand-stitched grosgrain ribbon, and add a vintage pin for a dramatic personal touch!

1 – 9” 3000 Series WireKnitZ® – metal mesh
Fireline® 4 lb. braided beading thread
2 – 6” x .5” Grosgrain Ribbon
1 – 30” x 1.5” Grosgrain Ribbon
3 – Sew-On Snaps
1 – Vintage Pin
Tape Measure
Sewing Needle

Fold ribbon in half and make a seam 2” away from the fold
Open ribbon and make three folds on each side. Pin and then stitch in place.

Open WireKnitZ® metal mesh tube and gently massage folded edges until smooth. At one end, gently pull outward with fingers until the end begins to roll outward and then roll three times to measure about ¼” wide. Press the roll down with fingers all the way around, burying the cut end. Repeat at opposite end.
Stretch each end to get a slight bell shape. Stitch rolled ends in place, if desired, though it is not necessary.

Make a cut down the length of the tube. Fold the 1/2” grosgrain ribbon in half lengthwise and pin in place along the cut edge of the tube. Tip: Before pinning to WireKnitZ®; create a soft crease in the grosgrain ribbon by gently ironing with a light weight towel to protect the ribbon.

Measure your wrist and size WireKnitZ® 1” larger than your wrist size. Depending upon wrist size, it may be made larger by stretching width at ribbon edges, or made smaller by stretching length at rolled edges. To stretch, grasp opposing edges and gently pull, moving fingers along edges. Keep moving fingers around and pulling as it begins to adjust in size. When the sheet is the correct size, stop stretching. A bit of trial and error may be required.

Line up the center of the tri-folded 1.5” grosgrain with the center of the WireKnitZ®, approx. ¾” from the top roll and pin centers together. Pin rest of ribbon in place, folding edges of ribbon under twice. Tip: Use Fabri-Tac to secure ends of ribbon.

Stitch grosgrain ribbon in place. Secure vintage pin at center of tri-folded ribbon.

Stitch sew-on snaps in place as shown.

Enjoy the complements!

Thanks so much Eva, for sharing this easy tutorial and providing us with such great inspiration! We're so happy to have you teaching 8 jewelry classes (yes 8!) at our Portland event and another 6 workshops at our Virginia event in 2014!

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