Wednesday, August 7, 2013

16,000 Strong!

Nope, it's not the number of BTU's I need my air conditioner to have just to cool the house when these summer heatwaves come around! Would you believe that we just signed up the 16,000th person for Art & Soul Portland? And that's not even the all-time total... it's only the number of people we signed up since we started registration on the computer (yes, we actually used to do it the old fashioned way — by snail mail)!

To celebrate the milestone, we offered a little incentive on our Facebook page... a special gift furnished by Judy Gula, the purveyor of our on-site store, Artistic Artifacts. A gorgeous set of vintage ledger paper was the secret surprise and was awarded to one very lucky Dawne Evans. Hooray!

And as fate would have it, Dawne was actually going to take some classes last year... but as it happens for many of us... life just got in the way. She had even purchased some items to alter for the classes... and is excited to take them out of hiding for this year's event.

Ain't it grand when things work out like that? So again... a note of congratulations to Dawne for being our 16,000th "electronic" attendee. And a huge round of applause for Glenny Moir... our illustrious leader who has kept Art & Soul going strong for so long. She may not realize it, but Glenny has changed thousands of creative lives! Now that's worth celebrating.

Keep up the good work!

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