Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Caged Bead Bracelet Tutorial from Eva Sherman

Today we're featuring Eva Sherman for our guest blog post! A talented jewelry artist, she started her hobby as a way to spend time with her daugters... and ended up opening her very own bead store in Ohio! And she's generously sharing a spectacular wire-wrapping technique that will jazz up any of your own jewelry creations. Take it away, Eva....

Looking for an easy wire wrapping technique that can be used to dress up almost any kind of bead? This caged bead wire wrap pattern works particularly well on larger round beads like the gorgeous ones used here. This design may also be adapted to create a necklace by increasing the number of beads.

  • (8-10) 10mm beads
  • (12') 18 gauge copper wire
  • (2") of 16 gauge copper wire
  • (1) 4mm copper jump ring
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Hammer
  • Steel block 


1. Cut 14” of 18 gauge copper wire. Using your round nose pliers, make a small wire wrapped loop at the center. String bead on vertical wire and make another small wire wrapped loop at the other end.

2. Holding the top loop with your chain nose pliers, begin to gently wrap the wire over the top of the bead in a spiral pattern. Make approximately 5 to 6 wraps. Be careful to apply even tension and pressure and you will form a bead cap. Repeat the spiral wire wrap at the opposite end of the bead.
Caged Wire-Wrapped Bead Bracelet

3. Bend leftover wire towards the opposite pole with a gentle curve and loop it around the wire wrapped loop. Trim excess wire.
Caged Wire Wrapped Bracelet

4. Create another loop at the other end of the bead in the same way. Repeat the previous steps through the first loop only with your second bead.
Caged Wire Wrapped Bracelet

5. At the opposite end of the second bead, start the wire wrapped loop as shown.
Caged Wire Wrapped Bracelet

6. Before closing the wire loop, slip the first bead on, then continue with making the wire wrapped loop and the bead cap. Repeat these steps until you have enough beads to go around your wrist, less 1/2 inch.
Caged Wire Wrapped Bracelet

7. For the dangle bead begin by making a spiral as shown. It should be about the same size as the other bead caps.
Caged Wire Wrapped Bracelet

8. Instead of a spiral wrap on the other end, create a loop: Bend leftover wire towards the opposite pole with a gentle curve and loop it around the wire wrapped loop. Spiral wrap back to bottom again. Trim excess wire. Connect the dangle bead to the last bead with the jump ring.

Caged Wire Wrapped BRacelt

9. Make an “S” hook using the 16 gauge copper wire. Hammer it on the steel block to harden. Attach it to the last bead as shown. Hook the “S” hook in the jump ring to close. The dangle bead will keep the bracelet evenly weighted so it does not spin on wrist.

Please note that this tutorial was created by me and may be used for your personal use. I respectfully request that you not copy it, but feel free to direct others to this link. Thank you!

Eva Sherman will be teaching several workshops at Art & Soul Portland this September/October, so check them out!

Eye of the Storm - where you'll get to create "sheet metal" from wire and open up a whole new world of jewelry making possibilities!
Fold Forming 101 - a series of metal folding techniques which allow rapid development of three dimensional surfaces using simple equipment.
Rosette Cuff & Bangle - a workshop exploring a variety of basic metalsmithing techniques such as forging, texturing, wire working, and cold connecting.

Lots of interesting and unique classes from Eva for every level of jewelry makers.... from beginning to seasoned. Hope to see you there!


  1. Thank you Eva I cant wait to try this

    1. Jen, this would be an excellent addition to your already gorgeous pieces!

  2. Replies
    1. Beth, isn't it great? Eva is so very talented!

  3. This is a very gorgeous, elegant yet simple bracelet. This is beautifully done,thanks. Christine


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