Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 10 Post-Op Notes...

It is day ten post-op and I’m still trying to get accustomed to the new daily routine. Living alone, food was not a priority — it was almost a nuisance. I would keep working until it was past time for some nourishment, and — not wanting to stop and take time to fix something decent — I would grab whatever was handy.  Could be cheese, crackers and vegggies or a cup of soup. Many times, I waited so long to eat that I began to feel horrible. Feeling nauseous, I would get shaky and begin to sweat.  I always had the best of intentions and would purchase healthy foods... I just wouldn't fix them.

Therefore, the restrictions of the post op bariatric diet did not seem insurmountable to me. Fluid, fluid and more fluid.  This includes 64 oz. of water a day, in addition to ingesting 60 grams of protein. Morning protein shakes have been my staple for years. Enhancing them into a daily regimen seemed a no brainier to me. I purchased unflavored protein powder to add to broth and other acceptable fluids in order to reach the 60 gram daily goal in addition to all types of high protein drinks.

At first, I didn't feel much like eating or drinking anything and it was a struggle just to get the necessary water.  After leaving the hospital, it became imperative to start the protein. The schedule has us ingesting something every hour. After the second day, I was already tired of the sweet protein drinks.... Slim Fast, Glucerna, etc. and wanted something savory. We put the unflavored powder in chicken broth and it was horrible.  There was no way I could gag it down. I thought it would be like unflavored gelatin... no... not at all. All my pre-planning and purchasing was wasted.

I got on the computer and quickly ordered some bariatric soups. They are not too bad.... (I can do this).
The main problem I am having is with my diabetes. It is changing rapidly and we cannot get the insulin adjusted properly. When blood sugar is high and I give myself a shot, I begin to feel like I have a hangover. All I want to do is be left alone and get my head down. And then, the sugar level will plummet and I lose all my senses. I drenched a flannel nightgown in less than a minute – it is a horrible feeling.  The docs continue to lower the insulin doses and feel that the diabetes will be gone completely soon.  WOW – almost a miracle. Now to just feeling better for an entire day!!

More soon,

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  1. Oh Glenny To not have Diabetes is just so wonderful.I know its a new way of life but I so admire you..Hang in there (((hugs)))) Jen


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